PDFs are great, they can help you easily send stuff around to others, send larger files in a smaller size and much more. Unfortunately, dealing with them can be a pain at times, especially if you need to sign them, merge them or anything else. You could spend hours fixing mistakes, making edits or printing them only to sign and scan them again.

Well, don't let all those things hold you back. PDF Expert 2.0 for the Mac is a great way to save you a ton of time on various tasks related to PDFs. You'll be able to edit text and images, fill out forms, share PDFs to your iPhone or iPad, as well as clients and co-workers.

The app can do a ton, and if you deal with these files regularly you need it.

  • Edit text, images, links & outlines in PDFs
  • Read huge PDF files smoothly & fast
  • Annotate PDFs extensively w/ numerous tools
  • Merge PDFs & sign documents seamlessly
  • Fill out PDF forms like taxes, applications, orders, & more
  • Share your PDFs across iPhone, iPad, & Mac, or w/ clients, coworkers, or anyone else remotely
  • Password protect sensitive documents

All of that can be yours for just $20 for a limited time, saving you $60 off the regular price. Whether you deal with PDFs randomly or regularly, this is a great utility for your Mac, and you'll want to grab it before the sale ends.