Do you know who you are and where you come from? Do you know your ethnic origins? If not, today is your day to find out. The AncestryDNA genetic ethnicity testing kit has dropped in price to $59 at Amazon. The kit normally sells for around $99, and we haven't really seen it gone on sale very much this year. During last year's Black Friday shopping season there were plenty of sales but not since. If you've missed out on the DNA kit trend, today's a great day to try it for yourself.

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AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity estimated test kit

The kit asks for some of your saliva, and it gives you easy instructions to follow. Then in 6 to 8 weeks you'll get your response and see your origins from over 1,000 regions with connections to living relatives. Your data is private, too.

$59.00 $99.00 $40 off

So what you end up getting when you order from AncestryDNA isn't really anything. The company needs a collection of your DNA to analyze so they send you a kit that can easily collect it. The package you pay for can hold your DNA, and they give you some easy-to-follow instructions to make that happen. After about six to eight weeks you get your results telling you all about where you came from.

AncestryDNA promises to show you your origins from over 1,000 regions, and this system can even show you connections to living relatives. The final results can be viewed online or with your mobile device. Get historical insights related to your original place in the world and get great geogrpahic details. You never know what the end results might be, and you could be pretty unfamiliar with the area so it's nice to get some context.

While the information revealed to you is completely private and you can keep it to yourself, you can also choose to combine it with other AncestryDNA users. This is pretty interesting because it grants you access to millions of other ethnic origins and family trees and helps you find unique connections. You could discover someone that belongs to your family that you never knew thanks to the billions of records available.

AncestryDNA promises to protect your data. The company uses data encryption and secure databases to keep your information safe. Plus, only you will have control and it makes that as easy as possible.

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