iPhone 12 conceptSource: ConceptsiPhone

What you need to know

  • Display analyst Ross Young believes LTPO tech is not coming to iPhone in 2020.
  • The technology is thought to be critical in bringing ProMotion to the iPhone.
  • It is unclear if Apple will introduce ProMotion to the iPhone without the technology.

Over the weekend, EverythingApplePro released a video, courtesy of leaks from Max Weinbach, that claimed Apple's iPhone 12 would be getting a 120Hz ProMotion display.

"According to Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro, the 120Hz ProMotion display will be reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro models, whereas the regular iPhone 12 models will retain the 60Hz display. The iPhone 12 Pro will be able to switch between 120Hz and 60Hz, a feature that will help extend battery life performance as 120Hz is taxing on a smartphone battery, especially if it is running at that refresh rate all of the time."

A ProMotion display on the iPhone is currently thought to be possible because Apple would adopt its LTPO technology from the Apple Watch. As reported back in 2019, Apple would be partnering with Samsung Display to bring ProMotion to the iPhone

"Apple, meanwhile, is moving to more widely apply LTPO panels to its iPhones. This means it needs to find ways to work together with Samsung Display, which is holding its own in terms of both technological prowess and production capacity in the small and mid-sized OLED sector."

Display analyst Ross Young, however, disagrees with Weinbach and says that the only flagship phone in 2020 to feature an LTPO display will be the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note20+.

According to Young, Apple will not feature LTPO in its iPhone until 2021, a technology that is thought to be crucial in order to bring the 120Hz ProMotion display to the iPhone.

The iPad Pro has featured a ProMotion display without LTPO technology since its redesign in 2018, so it is possible Apple could bring ProMotion to the iPhone 12, but even more features, like an always-on display, to future iPhones once LTPO technology is introduced.