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Do you really use Siri?

When Siri was introduced with iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S there was plenty of jokes made about the integration but just like iOS, Siri has grown quite a bit since the initial release. With that growth came a lot of new feature additions and improvements to Siri. It's a bit hard to gauge how many people are really using Siri though, Apple doesn't share much info in that area.

I use it daily for search, calls, messaging on the road, my shopping list.Kataran, iMore Forums Member

Perhaps that's why folks in the iMore Forums are asking, do you really use Siri? Personally, I never really use Siri although I feel like I should. I just simply don't because I find it's easier to just do things manually. The most use Siri ever gets from me is to set an alarm when I'm super lazy laying in bed and I worry about waking up at a certain time.

Nope. Never use Siri. Anything I could ask her I could just find the answer elsewhere.Reparkable, iMore Forums Member

Going by some of the responses in the forums though, it seems a LOT of people use Siri on a regular basis for all sorts of things. Checking sports scores, the weather, reminders and more. I probably should try to make more of an effort to use it for something aside from amusement. But, what about yourself? Do you really use Siri? If so, what do use it for? Let us know in the forums.

Let us know if you use Siri

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  • Yep I set alarms and reminders with Siri plus when walking listening to music with ear phones "decent not apple ones" I use Siri to change music dial contacts read texts Sent from the iMore App
  • As more of a play this playlist, set an alarm, set a timer, remind me to do this, etc. Never to search for anything though.
  • I use it ALL THE TIME. Set reminders, text when driving, alarms, to call, calendar appointments. I use Siri for everything I don't want to do manually.
  • Not really, I just like telling "her" to call me Master... HAHAHAHA Sent from the iMore App
  • Nope not at all. I don't like talking to electronic divices when I can simply tap and get the information quicker and more reliably. Also turned off Touch ID; worked about 20% of the time and got tired of all the fails.
  • All the time. It's gotten to the point where I use Siri walking through the mall because I'm too lazy to type any more. It almost never fails for me anymore, so I use it more and more.
  • This is me - since I can hold it to my ear and chat like I'm on the phone.
  • I wish SIRI was more reliable for me. I think I would use it a lot more. I have a hard time understanding why I constantly get the "I'm sorry but I can't help you right now" message. When I can use it, it seems to work well. I like that it can now open other apps although it can't understand the word WAZE. It would be nice if there was a way to teach SIRI.
  • I don't use "Siri" very much, but I do use the voice dictation feature multiple times, each day.
  • I use it to set reminders, and if I'm typing a lengthy message I'll switch to it halfway through. I do work from home though so my amount of time spent in a car is much lower than the average person. Maybe 4-5 hours a month max. I'm sure in a car its way more useful.
  • Asking what is Apple stock today?
  • The major drawback to siri was having to reach the phone to use it. So I only used it with headphones with a button. The Moto x has completely solved that problem., and now I'd hate to do without it.
  • How long have you had the Moto X? How do you like it? I'm considering buying one myself.
  • YES! All that, all the time! To varying degrees of success :-) Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't use Siri regularly, but do use it to set alarms because it's just easier and quicker. Also occasionally to set events and reminders. I find it doesn't really work very well to ask a specific question about something. Unless it's movie listings for the local theater.
  • Every damn day, for one thing or another. Most often, I'm in my car, driving. I have BT integration in my after market car stereo (some JVC model I put in my 96 'Stang), so it makes accomplishing most tasks virtually effortless and distraction-free. Throughout the week, it's mostly to "call my wife" on my way home from work (the relationship thing makes Siri really personal, for me). And if I'm not talking to my wife on the drive home, I have Siri "read my messages" and reply to them. If there are none of those, I ask Siri to "play" where my music left off last. When at home, I usually just use Siri to set timers for when I'm cooking, or other timer-necessary tasks, or to add something to my Download List or Shopping List in Reminders. If Apple would open the SDK for third party applications to use Siri's full capabilities, I think I would RARELY unlock my phone. And I'll bet therein lies the problem.
  • Reminders and alarms for me. Other than that I forget Siri is even a feature on my iPhone.
  • Definitely in the car. I have it read / respond to txt messages with my Jawbone Hero HD. Works great, and no one gets mad at me for txting while driving since I never look at the screen or take my hands off the wheel. I'm sure you have all found that it is much faster than it use to be, and seems to be a lot more accurate.
  • Never use it.
  • Never do.
  • Never. She understood so little on iOS6 that I don't use her on iOS7 at all. I have no idea if there's much improvement because I don't really trust her.
  • If you haven't used her since iOS 6 you definitely need to give it a try. iOS 6 vastly improved over 5 but 7 has gone even further. Using it on LTE helps too.
  • I use Siri all the time. I'm even using Siri right now for this comment. It's so simple, and has made using the basics (Messages, appointments, reminders, places nearby, tweets, alarms) so easy. Sent from the iMore App
  • I turned Siri off. I loathe repeating myself.
  • Reminders and alarms!
  • Yep... Couple times a day. Setting appointments, replying to text messages on the run. I think I am one of the few that has almost 100% success of it understanding me :-) Sent from the iMore App
  • I rarely have any problems with Siri understanding me. I only have problems when it hears "50" as "15" (I just say "five zero" instead of "fifty") and also when it gets certain obscure street names wrong sometimes. For example, it hears "Benecia Avenue" as "Venecia Avenue." But it understands "Benecia, California" perfectly. Weird.
  • Nope
  • Yep, I use Siri all the time! I'm legally blind and it's just 'easier' to have Siri do it for me! I set reminders, alarms, timers, iMessage, small email responses, ask weather (Do I need an umbrella today?) and the list goes on! Not only is it easier, it's fun too! Sent from the iMore App
  • Never. I used it earlier to mess with my daughter but prior to that...nope. She hates Siri I told Siri that and she responded "But... but...". Lol. It reminded me of how fun her personality could be but for me, beyond a novalty, Siri is great demo-ware.
  • Hahaha you are doing this parenting thing right.
  • Don't use Siri or Google Now. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I use time to time but not enough to really notice I need Siri. Siri still to limited by Apple to make her truely useful for me.
  • I use Siri the most while driving my car. So easy to pick playlists and songs on the go. I also get her to read out my incoming texts or make phone calls. When i'm not driving though I hardly ever use her. Maybe to set up an alarm or reminder but that's about it. Quicker and easier to do everything else by touch. What is desperately needed though is for Apple to release a Siri API. Let app developers use Siri. Then that would be awesome!
  • Lots of people love to use technology inefficiently. Those people will not see the power of Siri or voice control in general. Though it may not be their fault, perhaps they have a speech impediment or lack proper diction. Learning how to speak the King's English with grace and accuracy isn't easy.
  • Several times a week. Just used to settle argument with friend about the Arizona state bird. Had answer in mere seconds - she won!
  • I use it to set timers mainly, but I have been known to use it to quickly search for answers to unimportant questions or sports ball game times. Maybe once or twice a month to send a text to my wife while I'm in the car (stuck in traffic, will be a while). But that's about it. I can't comment on the accuracy or usefulness of Siri because I just don't use it that much. I feel self conscious speaking to my phone in public places, and in the house I'm usually using something that I can look up or research by using a keyboard or the like.
  • Usually when I'm driving, but not much else. It comes n handy for reading and responding to texts without taking my eyes off the road or my hands off the wheel (at least one hand, anyway). I typically set reminders, etc. manually, but if I'm going to be driving for a while and "remember to remember" to do something, I'll use Siri to remind me when I get to work, home, or wherever. It's definitely improved since the 4S days.
  • I use Siri for reminders, especially for time frames that are not traditionally available on the app, for example reminders on weekday only. I also use it in conjunction with my Supertooth to place phone calls and send texts handsfree.
  • Yes use to make calls, get the weather, set appointments, location reminders, read text and emails.... That's just a few. Sent from the iMore App
  • I use Siri often for complex searches that would take to long otherwise. The other day I was watching a movie that Starred Robert Deniro and Edward Norton. I knew the movie, I just couldn't recall the title when a friend put me on the spot. I asked Siri on a whim, "What movie stars both Edward Norton and Robert Deniro" 2 seconds later she replied The Score, even gave a little synopsis. Tried it with a few other movies that I saw on and it works marvelously. No more six degrees for me, skip the work and get the answer. Plus wolfram alpha is really powerful, answer all sorts of questions. Demographics, population etc. etc.
  • I use it several times a day. Setting timers (laundry, cooking), seeing traffic in Maps, calling / texting, finding restaurants, movie showtimes, calling in air strikes, etc. Oh wait. No, not the air strikes thing.
  • I only use siri to set reminders and alarms.. But If I'm trying to get find out if a certain restaurant I want to go to is near or if I want to Find something particular like a definition or celebrities birthday etc. etc. random things like that are more easily found using the iOS google now app and it's a lot easier to use and a lot more accurate as far as word recognition. Sent from the iMore App
  • I use Siri a lot and it is super convenient. I have a 2x 15 minute walks every day going from the train station to work and then from work back in the evening. It's winter now which means that my iPhone and my hands are usually in my pockets trying desperately to stay warm. So when I get a text message or if I want to send one or make a call. Using Siri saves me from taking my phone out of my pocket, take my gloves off, fumble with the phone as my hands start to freeze. Instead I just say "New messages" and Siri reads me new text messages and asks if I want to reply. Along with the ease of sending messages and making calls. It's super convenient but it's nowhere near where I'd like it to be. It's nice when it works but frustrating as hell when it doesn't.
  • I don't always remember to use it for a lot of stuff unless Im in the car or can't use two hands to do things on my phone. Then it just beomes second nature almost. In the car I will use it to play specific songs or read texts. I have been trying to use it more, especially since I just invested in a new Jawbone headset.
  • At first it was hard to get used to because I came from an iPhone 4 but now I use it all the time for different things such as setting reminders setting alarms even typing in searches that might take longer to write out. Also I use it to read my texts and reply when I'm driving or don't have my hands free. It even worked perfect for this comment! Sent from the iMore App
  • I love making use of Siri.
    She opens things like apps and app settings.
    She turns things like "Cellular Data" off & on.
    She sets appointments & reminders of this & that for me.
    She often entertains me and I obviously entertain her - I ask her trick questions for quirky replies & she mangles my dictations for searches and other queries.
    Ahhh, Siri. Good times. Sent from the iMore App
  • nope. i kinda forgot about it until i saw it mentioned in this article.
  • I used to use Siri more before it let me down so much. Maybe it's improved or it sounds like it has from the comments? I'll have to give it another try.
  • Yeah, I don't know if it's a hardware or software thing, but Siri worked like crap on my girlfriend's 4s, but she uses it all the time with no problems on the 5.
  • I used Siri quite a bit when I had my iPhone 5. I would use her to set reminders, set alarms, set timers, check sports scores and game times, and occasionally for finding directions. Not to mention, I would use her by saying "read me that text message" when I was driving or unable to look at my phone (the benefit of a physical button means truly I did not have to look!). Now Siri on the iPad? I don't know if I have ever used it....
  • All the time! And have lots of ideas for added functionality. Works consistently great for me. Either "she" has learned to listen better over time - or I've learned to better communicate.
  • I use it quite often for checking sport scores, creating reminders and alarms, adding to shopping list, information queries and just a ton of other items. 99% accurate for me.
  • All the time. So much, that I'd be lost without it. It's great in the car, but lately, I've been using it in the house, walking across a parking lot, etc. And it seems like I use it for more things every few weeks. Lately it's been very accurate and fast. Each to his/her own, but I really think if you're not using it you're missing out.
  • When I had an android I used google now all the time. I don't really know why, but I never use siri.
  • Not really. My son uses it all the time. My best conversation with her was: I opened her, got "I am unable to help you at this time" is your server down? "I do no understand the question" is Apple's server down? "I am not able to help you at this time" what is the weather? "Here is the forecast for your location" so you are working now? "I am not sure what you mean" that is alright, thanks. "I aim to please" she is kind if spooky. I should use her more often. Sent from the iMore App
  • I personally use Siri all the time as a matter fact it is the only reason that I stay with an iPhone five or 5S in my case otherwise I'd be back to android
  • I don't use it at all. I have it disabled.
  • I hardly use it. Maybe to set a timer once in a while. I would use it for texting but it rarely gets what I say right. Sent from the iMore App
  • I rarely use it, both because it's embarrassing to talk to a phone in public, and because its ability to understand unaccented neutral English is limited. Perhaps if I spoke with an American accent it might help.
  • This is my experience also. Very common words and phrases are almost always misunderstood no matter how many times you say them, but for my American friends with the thick accents it works all the time. Personally I think it gets confused if your phone isn't set to "American" for everything. Apple has a long history of confusing, non-sensical language options on OS X that don't really work, I think this is more of the same. For instance I use a British English keyboard with Canadian English localisation settings and I wouldn't be surprised if Siri thinks that just because I want to spell "civilisation" properly, that I must be speaking in a Cockney accent or something. Canadian "accents" (i.e. - neutral English with no accent at all) seem to elude it completely.
  • The only reason I use SIRI to make reminders and add alarms. Its very very handy to do these stuffs using SIRI.
  • Never. Voice recognition has to be 100% accurate for me to use it. If you need to verify what any gadget is doing after you speak the command, then it is pointless, and more distracting to use voice command.
    And NO gadget understands my accent. I wish devices went back to the old "training" mode to set up voice recognition to deal with less common accents (asian indian, in my case).
  • I never use Siri! Maybe I'm just too shy to talk with her :p moreover I live in India and if I ask search nearby restaurants or get directions it will come up as this is not available in your country :/ Sent from the iMore App
  • I use it a lot to call people, it's much faster say "Call John" than unlocking my phone, go to the phone app and pick the contact that I want to call. I'm using Siri also for creating reminders and to set up alarms. With the time Siri, has been improved a lot, and she understands better what I'm saying.
  • What Keyboard? I use Siri for most things because after 4 months I still dislike the iPhones keyboard or any other touch screen keyboard.
    When iMessaging I even use voice to text. Also I get a kick of throwing Siri the daily curveball trying to have her stumble or become tongue tied.
    As a joke I asked Siri how to get rid of a dead body and surprisingly she gave me the locations to several land fills!?
    I'm waiting for the day we can carry on like in the movie Her.
  • Not at all. Unless I can use it without internet connection.
  • Making phone calls, changing tracks, sending texts sometimes. I would use it more but the internet connection is so patchy were I live, it's easier to just do it manually a lot of the times than to wait for it to come back, be wrong, then send a correction off! I do enjoy using it though and heard it's getting a nice voice here in the UK with the next update, which will be nice :)
  • Never, although I can't say that its a problem with Siri itself. I just think voice interfaces are cumbersome and awkward, and generally hate to talk to any device.
  • I love having Siri; it's a big help when looking up, calling, or sending stuff while driving; quick easy access to information while out with friends (and they think it's cool when I look stuff up that way), and I use Siri to set up timers all the time. Even if you don't typically use Siri, Siri really has helped voice control/recognition to become a valuable standard of enhanced functionality with our devices.
  • Hardly ever. And if I do, it's to only compose a message while driving. But since she gets the words wrong half the time, I don't even do that much anymore.
  • For reminders, Siri is wonderful. For calling people, it is ok. For everything else, I find it poor enough that I do not use it. And Apple *desperately* needs to move voice processing on-board, at least for calling and contacts - the lag and timeouts make Siri look amateurish; it boggles my mind that years later my old iPhone 3G still handles the voice command "call x" better than my iPhone 5. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have NEVER used it, not once, and have no plans to use it.
  • I use Siri daily to check emails, texts and voicemail. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes, yes, yes. I use SIRI, for alarms, calls, quick reminders, setting appointments, quick calculations, quick searches, quick on device actions especially while driving or working in the lab (where I usually have my airbuds on). I have even sent the ocasional email or message using SIRI. I find SIRI very useful and I have no problems with it/her understanding me and though people prefer Google Now (which I think is different) Siri is actually one of the reasons I am on iOS.
  • I actually use Siri a lot. Texting while driving, texting when I'm lazy, making phone calls and facetimes, setting reminders and pulling up people's contact info with outing unlocking my phone. Sent from the iMore App
  • However I wish they would make Siri actually part of the OS rather than requiring her to dip into servers in order to get my information. The day they do that they will have a true personal assistant. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes I do to set my Alarm an to remind me of stuff thanks about it Sent from the iMore App
  • I use it all the time, typically: - making phone calls without having to search for contacts or unlock the phone
    - getting a quick status of the temperature/weather
    - setting reminders for a certain time
    - adding items to my custom to-do list within my reminders app
    - setting wake up alarm when travelling, better than fiddling with hotel alarm clock
    - using it as my in-car GPS when driving. Phone has a car mount for easy viewing/access.
    - playing playlists from music collection I only wish my phone had TouchID (iPhone 5) so I could open apps with it without having to type my unlock passcode. All of the above functions can be done manually, however it's MUCH quicker to tell Siri to do it vs. going into the associated app and doing it manually I don't use it for web searches, I use either a web browser search (Chrome and Safari) or the Google Search app for that.
  • I don't use it at all. Mostly for the same reasons (it's quicker and easier not to use it). However I like the idea enough to *try* and use it from time to time but it has literally never worked for me. I'm not sure what if anything I am doing wrong but it simply won't recognise my voice with anything like even 50% accuracy. If you have to say it twice, it's already faster if you had just typed it originally, and if it gets even one or two words wrong per sentence it's useless to use it for dictation when typing that same sentence can be done in half the time. I really think Siri is intended for people who can't handle the keyboard or people who are driving at the time, and that this is about the entire utility of it. For those imagining I have some weird voice or thick accent and that *this* is the problem, I am a native English speaker with excellent diction and pronunciation and have a strong pleasant voice. I've been on TV a few times for this reason so there is absolutely no reason I can find why Siri doesn't understand literally anything I say most of the time.
  • "Drive me home" - most useful / cool thing to tell Siri. I use Sori all the time. Alarms, yes. Timers, opening apps, stock prices, texting, noting something, playing music or done playlist shuffled, getting directions "via transit" to get subway directions. Asking for population pyramids of countries or other facts. Asking to "show me a picture of x". Show me a trailer. And adding things to my grocery list. Timers when cooking. Setting reminders. Scheduling appointments. Checking the weather or if it's going to rain. All things I do regularly, not once in a blue moon. Don't use it much for texting, tweeting, Facebook, restaurants or buying tickets, etc. Sometimes it is easier to do things manually, but depends on the situation. I use Siri a ton.
  • I only use it for setting alarms and timers. Sent from the iMore App
  • I do, I use Siri when I'm driving in order to keep my eyes on the road, from looking up addresses to reading/replying to text messages and making calls. I've used her to search for recipe ideas, hockey results/schedules... I love it!
  • I use Siri everyday and try to find more uses for it. From setting alarms, reminders, checking the weather to having it read and send texts and emails I find that it is capable of much more. For example the time to travel to a certain city or to look up phone numbers that are not on my contacts. I also love when I get the unexpected quip from her. The other day I was going to take a nap in the afternoon. I asked Siri to wake me up in an hour. She replied " Uh... It's 1:28 pm?" In a tone that clearly meant what was I doing taking a nap at that time of day. One thing I keep forgetting to do is to use Siri to open apps. Most of the time I'm clicking the icon to open an app when I realize I could already be using it if I had used Siri. I do find the more I use it the better it works. Whether Siri is learning my voice or whether I'm learning how to phrase things, Siri is clearly improving with use.
  • Siri can't understand what I say at all. English is my first language :(
  • "How many carbs in a Big mac?" It seems that things I don't know how to find quickly and easily I ask Siri. For many things like sports scores I have found Yahoo Sports. Siri is often a jumping off point to find an app for some things I ask her often. Those things I more rarely do I use Siri for, or for when I can't find an app buried somewhere on my iOS device of the moment. "Launch DropZap" works really well as does "Play Locomotive Breath". I seem to use Siri a lot for a couple days and then not al all for a couple months. Nonessential, but sometimes convenient for me.
  • Yes, mostly to read new messages, make phone calls, check the weather etc Sent from the iMore App
  • I use it for texts in the car now and then. Biggest use for me is to avoid having to figure (possibly incorrectly) something in my head. Recently I used "remind me in 7 weeks to..." and it figured it out correctly without having to count it out myself on the calendar. Not too difficult but saved some time! Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm looking forward to Deep Reason more than SIRI ! I still use SIRI, but Deep Reason looks amazing. Cant wait to use it !!