Do you really use Siri?

When Siri was introduced with iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S there was plenty of jokes made about the integration but just like iOS, Siri has grown quite a bit since the initial release. With that growth came a lot of new feature additions and improvements to Siri. It's a bit hard to gauge how many people are really using Siri though, Apple doesn't share much info in that area.

I use it daily for search, calls, messaging on the road, my shopping list.Kataran, iMore Forums Member

Perhaps that's why folks in the iMore Forums are asking, do you really use Siri? Personally, I never really use Siri although I feel like I should. I just simply don't because I find it's easier to just do things manually. The most use Siri ever gets from me is to set an alarm when I'm super lazy laying in bed and I worry about waking up at a certain time.

Nope. Never use Siri. Anything I could ask her I could just find the answer elsewhere.Reparkable, iMore Forums Member

Going by some of the responses in the forums though, it seems a LOT of people use Siri on a regular basis for all sorts of things. Checking sports scores, the weather, reminders and more. I probably should try to make more of an effort to use it for something aside from amusement. But, what about yourself? Do you really use Siri? If so, what do use it for? Let us know in the forums.

Let us know if you use Siri

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