Documents to Go for iPad

Did BlackBerry maker RIM just buy DataViz, maker of Documents to Go for iPhone and iPad (and other platform)? has multiple sources saying they did, and for about $50 million cash.

This might just be why Docs to Go has cancelled their webOS app before ever releasing it. What does this mean for the iPhone and iPad version? We don't know yet. We like having it as an option and with 120 million iOS device on the market, there's a lot of money on the table for DataViz... er... RIM if they want it.

Apple has made iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) for iPad already, and rumors persist of an iPhone version. There's also QuickOffice, though with Microsoft have Office mobile, Google having Docs, and now RIM having Docs 2 Go, HP might just want to snatch them so they're not the only platform without a home grown office suite.

UPDATE: DataViz has told Macworld that RIM bought some of their assets and hired the majority of their employees to work on the BlackBerry version of Documents to go. They have since updated Docs to go for