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Documents to Go is Coming to the iPhone!

Looking for a mobile office suite for your iPhone? Almost a year ago, when the SDK was announced, Dataviz looked for iPhone users input:


blockquote>You can bet we’ll have our hands on this SDK as soon as possible. I can’t guarantee anything, but please, if you are interested in having DataViz software on your iPhone, let us know!

Well you spoke up and they listened! It is official that Dataviz is bringing Documents to Go, the very popular office suite, over to the iPhone:

This is great news for former Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile users. With this software users can view, edit, or create Microsoft Office content. All of the big apps are covered including Powerpoint, Word, and Excel.

Dataviz now has a website you can visit to sign up for release information here in this link.

[Thanks for the tip jwc194!]

  • Sweet!
    I loved having it with the 4.5 version of the BB OS.
  • They don't even have the new 3G box on their iPhone mock up.
    I won't hold my breathe waiting for them.
  • @NYR, that's a bit harsh no? Simply because they don't have the latest 3g icon you are not holding your breath for Docs to Go... interesting...
  • OMG! Please hurry. Also, hope they put a documents manager list with email support. Does anyone know if the SDK would prohibit that?
  • @cherryhead25
    I hope I can e-mail documents from my iPhone. I am hoping Air Sharing app adds in this feature.
  • @Terry
    yes I hope Air Sharing does too. That is a great app. I have found a couple web apps that are promising for document editing but they are just cant beat a native app yet. If docs to go keeps on par with their Palm OS version we'll be in good shape.
  • And maybe they will have there 4 annual "upgrades" at $10 or $20 a pop. I got so sick of them when I had my Palm.
  • I still don't understand how an office suite can work on a phone that doesn't have copy/paste. (How apple expects iPhone to take a place as a business phone without such simple universally expected functionality for such devices is beyond me.)
    I'm sure Dataviz could implement some sort of clipboard for just the Docs2Go suite, but if you can't copy/paste from your email, calendar, notes, etc .... meh.
  • @Steve
    Agreed! Hopefully Data Viz will get the big picture and make thier app affordable w/o the annual "upgrades". I know when I had my palm way back when I just used to crack apps when I felt they were overpriced. Im sure a lot of people did too. So let's hope they see the benefit of releasing this app at a reasonable price and not "force" anyone to put it on a jailbroken phone for free.
  • Happy Dataviz customer for many years on palm.
  • As a long time DTG user, I found their apps robust and easy to use. I never really used tehm a lot simply because any serious work was difficult on the Palm and Treo device's small screen. The iPhone's screen may just change that; although the lack of a real keyboard may prove to be frustrating.
    As for DataViz's upgrade schemes, I simply skipped various versions until a new feature made it compelling to upgrade. Would I like free upgrades? Sure, but $10 or $20 is not a bad price to pay if it keeps DV updating and adding functionality to their poducts.
  • I really hope you can email documents! This would really help, I am excited for this app!
  • Hurry, hurry! I really need to be able to email documents that I synch from my PC! Thanks!
  • As a long-time Palm user, I used Docs2Go daily for just about everything. We do need to be able to email tho, sync without doubt, and bluetooth sync wouldn't hurt.
    That said, I still believe the most serious omission facing DataViz will be the missing cut, copy, paste features in the original iPhone software toolbox.
    This HAS to be fixed! I'm still having to carry my Palm because of a lack of true functionality in the iPhone.
  • There is a third-party API for copying and pasting. They might use that.
  • Promised in May. It's now mid-June.