Best answer: Unfortunately, Fitbit's Aria 2 scale isn't compatible with Apple's Health app. If you really need HealtKit compatibility, you should instead consider the Nokia Body+ for accurate measurements and Apple Health compatibility.

Nokia's Body+ measures more than the Aria 2 and connects to Apple's Health app

Apple's Health app is a great way to track your health, whether you're looking at a specific statistic or your daily metrics. Having a continually updated, accurate measurement of your weight is important, both so you have a complete picture of your health, and also because weight can impact things such as your basal metabolic rate.

The weight data from Nokia's Body+ scale, while recorded directly into the Nokia Health Mate app, can also be read by Apple's Health app (along with Google's similar Fit app for Android). This lets all of your health data live in a single repository. You also don't need to look at any apps to see your weight progress since as the display on the scale will show you a trend line of your past several weigh-ins, as well as how much you've lost or gained since your last one.

In addition to the Health app, the Nokia Body+ and Health Mate app can synchronize data to a number of third-party apps like MyFitnessPal, Weight Watchers, and Runkeeper.

Going beyond weight

The Nokia Body+ measures more than just weight. Like the Aria 2, the Body+ also tracks Body Mass Index, as well as body fat percentage. The Body+ goes a bit beyond the Aria as well, measuring muscle mass to let you better target your efforts for losing weight or gaining muscle, hydration level, which offers insight into hydration and water retention, and bone mass, which measures your bone density.

The Body+ also comes with nutrition tracking features. You set a weight goal and a calorie budget, then track the food you eat in the Health Mate app. Combined with your weight data, the Body+ can accurately track your progress towards your weight goal and help you better manage the calories you take in.

Keeping track of the whole family

Just like the Fitbit Aria 2, the Nokia Body+ can track the stats for up to eight individual users, with each person's data synced independently. Importantly, you don't need to do anything to tell the Body+ that it's you stepping onto the scale. Based on your weight and other measurements, the scale will automatically recognize you, so your stats won't get mixed with those of the last person to use the scale.

A peek at the day ahead

In a nice final touch, because the Nokia Body+ is a Wi-Fi scale, it can connect to your home Wi-Fi network. If you choose to do that, the Body+ can give you a weather report to help you better plan your day, including any exercise you may be planning.

The Fitbit Aria 2 is still great for multiplatform families

If you're a die-hard Fitbit fanatic, the Fitbit Aria 2 may still be the right scale for you. Like the Body+, the Aria 2 takes multiple measurements: including body weight, BMI, lean mass, and body fat percentage.

The Aria 2 works seamlessly with the Fitbit app, and if you where a Fitbit fitness tracker, all of that data provides a full picture of your health, much like the data that the Body+ and Nokia Health mate app share with Apple Health does.

While I'd still recommend the Body+ for most people, Fitbit users should definitely pick up the Aria 2.

The best overall

Nokia Body+

Full-featured and less expensive

The Nokia Body+ offers accurate measurements, Apple Health support, and some great little extras that make for an excellent experience.

Great for Fitbit owners

Fitbit Aria 2

The best option for Fitbit owners

If you love your Fitbit, the Aria 2 is a great option that provides excellent measurements and syncs directly with the Fitbit app.

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