Does Fitbit Charge 3 track yoga?

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Does Fitbit Charge 3 track yoga?

Best answer: Definitely! The Fitbit Charge 3 comes with 15 trackable workouts pre-loaded, including yoga, although it's not set up by default. However, with a few minor tweaks of the settings, you can have your Charge 3 setup to track your Yoga workouts whenever you need.Amazon: Fitbit Charge 3 ($130)

It's a fitness tracker so it tracks your fitness

Fitbit has long been a leader in the world of fitness trackers and the Charge 3 continues that trend. While the Charge 2 was very well received, the new Charge 3 builds off of all the great things about its predecessor and also adds in some great new functionality.

The fitness features on the Charge 3 were improved to add goal based exercises with 15 different workouts pre-loaded onto the device, including yoga. Not only that but the band can now automatically detect when you've started a workout, when you've paused, and when you've stopped your workout, meaning there are fewer distractions for you during the aforementioned workout. Oh yeah, there's also sleep tracking, so you never have to take your Charge 3 off.

Yoga isn't set up by default but it's easy to change the necessary settings

As mentioned above, the Charge comes with 15 different trackable workouts pre-loaded onto the device. By default, six of them are set up to begin tracking automatically, but yoga, unfortunately, isn't one of them. Not to worry though because Fitbit has made it quite easy to change that.

Once you have your Charge 3 paired up to your smartphone, open up the Fitbit app and go to your settings. Check off "Yoga" in the list of workouts, then re-sync your Charge 3. Once that's done you can simply open up the Exercise app on the Charge 3 and select "Yoga" to begin. That's it!

Jason Cockerham