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Best answer: The simple answer is no, the HomePod mini does not contain a built-in battery. The HomePod mini is a little powerhouse of a smart speaker. However, it is not portable. You won't be taking your HomePod Mini out for a day at the beach. If you are looking for battery-powered, smart featured portability, you should look elsewhere, such as the Alexa enabled Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST.

Tiny tethered powerful speaker

Apple's new HomePod mini is built for those in the Apple ecosystem. It features Siri control, Homekit support, and really great sound for such a small speaker. However, the name is HomePod; so, it's meant to be used at home, tethered to a power outlet.

Unfortunately, the HomePod mini does not contain a built-in battery, so it can't accompany you to a day at the pool, park, or pretty much anywhere without a plug. While this speaker has a lot to offer, it doesn't have the portability you might need. If you don't need a speaker to use outside of the house and want Siri and Homekit control, the HomePod mini is for you.

Battery-powered, waterproof and smart

When it comes to portability, Apple fans will have to look elsewhere for a speaker. There are options available, but they can get a little pricey. The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST is an example of an Alexa-powered smart speaker that is battery powered, works on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and is waterproof as a bonus. So, while you may be paying a little extra, you'll get to listen to your favorite tunes anywhere without worrying about a little rain or splash-back.

Of course, when you connect this speaker to an iPhone via Bluetooth, you can use your iPhone's Siri control. This speaker is versatile and portable, perfect to power those tunes.

For home

Apple HomePod Mini White

Apple - HomePod mini - White

A mini marvel for Apple fans

The HomePod mini is a powerful mini version of the HomePod. It features Siri and Homekit support and, of course, works great with Apple Music. If you don't need battery-powered portability, the HomePod mini is a great choice.

For portability

Ultimate Ears Megablast Speaker

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Power away from an outlet

The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST is an Alexa-powered smart speaker that works on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It can work on battery power, and it's waterproof, perfect for a day on the go.

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