Does the Mophie Juice Pack Access work with the iPhone X?

Does the Mophie Juice Pack Access work with the iPhone X?

How do the Juice Pack Access models differ?

If you have an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or XR than there's a compatible Juice Pack Access battery case available for you. But just because there's a model for each iPhone version, it doesn't mean that the models operate or even look entirely the same. Here are the characteristics and options specific to each case model:

  • The iPhone XS/X cases are available in gold, navy, deep red, and black. With this model, you'll get a charge that lasts up to 76 hours of music streaming, 25 hours of phone calls, 17 hours of video watching, or 15 hours of web surfing.
  • The iPhone XS Max case models come in navy, deep red, gold, or black. You'll get more battery life, increasing your phone usage up to 81 hours of music playback, 31 hours of talk time, 18 hours of video streaming, or 16 hours of surfing the internet.
  • Lastly, there's the iPhone XR case model, which unlike the previous two models comes in different colors: a bright blue, a vibrant red, or the standard black. This case will allow you to charge your iPhone for up to 81 hours of music, 31 hours of calls, 18 hours of video streaming, or 16 hours of internet browsing.

What makes the Juice Pack Access different from other battery cases?

Each of the Juice Pack Access battery cases is designed to allow you to access both the iPhone's Lightning port and the battery case's USB-C port. This design means that there are several ways to charge your phone — the fastest being charging at both ports at the same time. If you choose only to charge using the USB-C port, the Juice Pack Access will give your iPhone charging priority before recharging itself.

You'll also find that on the backside of the case there's a button with four LEDs. If you hold this button for three seconds, it will either start or stop the charging process. The LEDs serve as a battery indicator, so you'll know the case is running out of juice when only one light remains.

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