Does Sonos One work with Google Assistant?

Sonos one
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Does Sonos One work with Google Assistant?

Best answer: The Sonos One doesn't work with Google Assistant directly, but Sonos has said that support for Google Assistant will come to the Sonos One by the end of 2018. Until then, there are alternate solutions you can explore if you are willing to use IFTTT.Amazon: Sonos One ($199)IFTTT: Check out the app

Sonos One doesn't currently support Google Assistant directly

Sonos One currently only ships with built-in support for Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. Using microphones built into the Sonos One, you can say things like "Alexa, play my Discovery playlist on Spotify" to have music play from your Sonos speakers.

Sonos has previously said that it is working on bringing support for Google Assistant to its speakers by the end of 2018.

You can use Google Assistant with Sonos right now if you care to use IFTTT

IFTTT is a web service that allows you to connect dozens of other online services and apps so that you can use them together. For instance, you can connect a task manager like Todoist and your company's project manager, Trello, to automatically create a new Todoist task every time you're assigned to a card on a particular Trello board, something that's not possible with the two apps on their own.

This is achieved through what IFTTT calls recipes. Both your Sonos account and Google Assistant can be directly connected to IFTTT, and you can use the receipts that are already there or your own custom work to control your Sonos using Google Assistant. Pause, resume, play a particular playlist, and more. After you set up your recipes, you can control your Sonos through any device that connects to Google Assistant, including any Google Home product, your Android phone, or through the Assistant app on your iOS device.

If you want built-in support for Google Assistant in your speaker, there are alternatives out there

Sony's LF-S50G is a smart speaker with Google Assistant built in that you can pick up right now. For the same price as the Sonos One, you get this compact, cylindrical Sony speaker with 360-degree sound and a built-in digital clock for additional convenience. The LF-S50G also features touchless gesture controls, allowing you to raise or lower the volume of the speaker by waving at the top of the device.

For the same price as a Sonos One, you'll get a great, compact speaker.

If you want to connect to other speakers, you can do so through the LF-S50G's built-in Chromecast capabilities. As long as the other speakers to which you want to connect support Chromecast (or are connected to a Chromecast device), you can connect to them and play music all throughout your home.

If you're looking for native Sonos support for Google Assistant, you'll be waiting a bit longer

So far, outside of saying that it will be by the end of 2018, Sonos hasn't been specific about when you should expect Google Assistant support. When it does arrive, you can expect your Sonos One to behave much like the Google Home speakers already do.

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