Does Visible support eSIM for iPhone?

Does Visible support eSIM for iPhone?

Best answer: Unfortunately, Visible does not support eSIM for the iPhone now. Like other carriers, you'll have to use a traditional SIM card on Visible's network. This applies to whether you purchase a new phone directly from Visible or bring your own phone (BYOD).Sorry, no eSIM: Visible ($40/month at Visible)Works on Visible: iPhone XR ($750 at Amazon)

What is eSIM?

Let's get into what eSIM is and what it does.

So, we all know for your phone to connect to a carrier's network, it needs a SIM card (in most cases a Nano SIM). That tiny card that pushes into the side or bottom of your phone enables you to make calls, send text, and access mobile data. That area where the SIM card is held is a small tray – to open it, it usually needs a special SIM tray removal tool.

eSIM eliminates all the hassle by carrying the same core functionality without the need for a physical SIM card. The true benefit of having this tech-enabled is that you can easily hop back and forth between carriers using one eSIM. There's no need for different traditional SIM cards every time you switch. This will not only save you time but potentially money as well. It's a huge convenience to have.

Visible doesn't support eSIM

Unfortunately, Visible doesn't support eSIM whatsoever.

Whether you buy a phone directly from Visible or bring your own device to the network, you'll be stuck using a traditional SIM card to connect to Visible's service.

We aren't sure as to if or when this limitation will change in the future. Visible up until this point has been relatively silent about supporting eSIM. However, considering they use Verizon's network for their service (because Verizon supports eSIM), it's not inconceivable to believe they'll back the new technology soon.

Chuck West