Donate to Japan earthquake and tsunami relief via iTunes

iTunes is taking donations for the Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief. Just log in and you can one-click contribute anywhere from $5 to $200 just as easily as buying a song, app or game. [iTunes link (opens in new tab)]

Apple Retail Japan meanwhile has opened their doors to staff and their families, customers and stranded shoppers in the vicinity of their stores providing shelter, food and drink, internet access to news and connectivity to loved ones, and compensation for travel and lodging expenses. Read the full account in the link below.

[Kevin Rose]

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  • Oh, how kind. Apple stayed open to sell battery packs to people desperate to call their loved ones while donating nothing themselves.
  • Seriously man.. if you have nothing valuable to add stay the f... out of here..
  • Maybe USA has forgot we bombed them in WWII...we help countries surpass us by offering aid when they are down... What happened was a tragedy, yes...but maybe apple should give batteries and electricity to American homeless and fallen soldiers' families.
  • Pretty easy to say this when you are looking at this tragedy from a window, had you or you family been involved in this horrible tragedy you'd be overwhelmed by the assistance and help other countries could offer you... wherever they'd come from...
  • Does Apple take a 30% cut off the top of each donation?
  • Just click the iTunes link above, and read the smallprint: "iTunes will transfer 100% of your donation to the American Red Cross".
  • The cynisism, jealousy, unkindness, bigotry and anger expressed in comments to just about any article here never ceases to amaze me! Go to the gym, drink less coffee, love a little and think about the negative vibes you set in motion before you share your narrow mindedness! I am saddenned by the disaster in Japan and I appreciate anyone who actually reach out and try to make a difference. Good on you Apple.
    And my apologies to you the reader, if I just blew off a little steam here and got your blood boiling. I am getting a bit weary about the ceaseless negativity and unconstructiveness of "some people". Now if only all that energy and time was spent on something constructive......
  • Agreed
  • I second that..
  • Plz! Lived there 27 Years! Heard racial comments everyday! Plz. Just s h o v e it!
  • I've seen a handful of games raising money for this good cause. GardenMind (on Facebook) is another one worth checking out.