Bulking up your digital film collection is much easier than collecting physical DVDs and Blu-rays. Not only do you save yourself the hassle of dealing with tons of plastic cases the next time you move, but you also save with some pretty great prices on digital films when they're discounted. This week, iTunes has rolled out a sale on double and triple movie features with prices from just $15 or less to help you fill in the missing blanks in your collection. Most of these bundles include two movies for $10 or three for $15, which is like paying just $5 apiece. Considering how much it costs to go to the movie theater, it's a small price to pay for movies you'll get to watch whenever you want.

Before you go wild buying all your favorite films at iTunes, consider picking up this discounted $50 iTunes gift card first. It's 15% off, down to $42.50, and is sent to your email within four hours. When I purchased one yesterday, it was delivered within just 5 minutes.

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Double & Triple Movie Features in Digital HD at iTunes

Why spend all your money on a trip to the theater when you can purchase some fantastic films for your own digital collection at a much cheaper price? Today's sale at iTunes can score you a few films for as low as $5 apiece.

$15 and under

The Double Features sale includes two-movie bundles all for $9.99, including sets like Now You See Me 1 & 2, The Corpse Bride/Beetlejuice, and Sex and the City Collection.

For even more options, this bundles under $15 sale includes three-film bundles for $15 and under. You'll find some other two-movie sets here too, though the best options are picks like the Harold and Kumar Bundle, Friday Trilogy, and this DiCaprio 3-Film Collection, all of which include three films for $15.

Another fantastic iTunes deal today dropped the price of the Saved By The Bell: Complete Series to just $19.99. This collection includes the original Good Morning, Miss Bliss season, as well as all five seasons of the iconic Saved By The Bell, the follow-up College Years season, and the made-for-TV movies all for the lowest price in history.

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