Dropbox and Deutsche Telekom to promote app on iPhone and iPad

Dropbox has announced a new partnership with the wireless carrier Deutsche Telekom that will result in a much higher profile for the cloud storage service in some central and eastern European countries.

The deal will begin in October when Deutsche Telekom will promote the use of Dropbox for cloud storage to its existing iPhone and iPad customers in those territories. The partnership, however, won't extend to the carrier's home country of Germany.

Marc Sommer, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Deutsche Telekom, was quoted as saying:

We're dedicated to giving our customers the best-possible user experience so they can enjoy life and work on-the-go. That's why Dropbox, an industry-leading service, was an obvious addition to the services we offer. Dropbox's intuitive interface and global popularity make it easy for everyone to see, share, and work on the photos, videos, and documents that matter to them.

What do you think of this new partnership and will it serve to expand Dropbox's audience worldwide?

Source: Dropbox, Guardian

John Callaham

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  • They did not give many specifics here. How do they "promote" it? They can't pre-install anything on iPhones and iPads as Apple would not allow that, and no T-Mobile customer really reads their newsletters (being one I can't blame them). The only thing that would do wonders for the customer base would be more free storage or unlimited 3G/4G traffic to/from Dropbox. But the more interesting points here are hidden: 1. Why exclude Germany and 2. Why don't they promote their own cloud storage (they do own Strato, one of Europe's biggest providers)? The answer to 1. might be that promoting US-based storage would likely conflict with their aggressive marketing of local email services for security (read NSA) reasons (even if that's utter BS). An answer to 2. I can't even imagine. Anyhow, I don't see the majority of people being particularly emotional about their cloud storage provider. And after the latest (and certainly not last) round of price cuts, MS, Google and Apple are now (will be) priced below Dropbox. Actually, a Office 365 subscription for 5 people provides more storage than Dropbox does even offer for five times the price, and you get Office for free... So, back to square one, what does this promotion actually contain?
  • Wow, and thought Deutche Telekom in the USA as T-mobile would display "T-mobile" on an iPhone showing Dropbox to promote the story! geez,