Dyson is no stranger to expensive beauty gadgets. Its first foray into the world of hair styling, the Supersonic hair dryer, sells for $220. Refurbished. On sale.

The newest iteration of Dyson beauty devices has been unveiled. Meet the Dyson Airwrap. It curls, waves, smoothes, and dries hair, all whilst using no extreme heat. It's also $500.

This device is certainly high-quality. It styles hair safely at a low temperature, and uses something called the Coanda effect to attract and wrap the hair for you. It's powered by a Dyson digital motor, which means less twisting your wrists or applying pressure with your hands. All this means your hair will be healthy, shiny, and beautiful, minus the stress that can come with trying to style.

Let's be real. Is this worth $500? Unless you're a professional, curling mass amounts of hair every day, probably not. There are tons of other options. The CHI Lava 1-inch Volcanic Lava Spin N Curl is $140. The CHI Air Spin N Curl Iron, a similar product, is $90. This Babyliss Nano Titanium SteamTech MiraCurl is $130. Basically, you have a lot of options. However, if you're interested, you can learn more about (and purchase) the Dyson Airwave over at its website.

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