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As 2020 has shown us, the online world is getting bigger and so is the need for sophisticated websites. Those who build sites for others will look for a web design platform that produces cutting-edge functional, responsive websites—and Editor X is the answer. It hosts a suite of tools and features that ensure a seamless workflow—and also guarantee that the finished sites look great and fit all client needs. 

Editor X has advanced design capabilities that allow you to take any idea to production. By combining responsive CSS with intuitive drag and drop on a flexible canvas, you can experience absolute design freedom. With flex layouts and CSS grid, create intricate, fluid layouts with precision. And with full breakpoint control your designs will look impeccable at any screen size. 

The platform hosts a wide variety of integrated marketing and business solutions, suitable for all types of online business. With everything from eCommerce to advanced SEO and booking systems, you can build sites that support all client goals. There is also the option to extend business functionality by adding custom code. 

Editor X's range of templates will inspire or help accelerate your creative flow—take them apart to see how they work then start designing from a blank canvas.

Last but not least, Editor X's powerful CMS allows you to update and manage site content behind the scenes without touching a line of code. You can store content in databases and connect it to site designs so you or your clients can make updates regularly.

To learn more about Editor X's design capabilities and to get started with your next creation, visit Editor X.com.