Lory and Rene

This Tuesday, September 10, Apple will hold its annual iPhone event. Though Apple holds three or four events every year (sometimes more), this is the granddaddy of them all. 'Thee' iPhone event. Though Apple's been making hardware for many years, the iPhone event is the biggest one. It's the one we talk about all year long (or longer … we're already talking about the 2020 iPhone). The iPhone is Apple's biggest seller per-unit and the event is always full of fanfare, even when the big details have already been leaked across the internet.

This year, we're guaranteed to see the next iPhone (wouldn't it be wild if Apple just didn't announce a new iPhone?), but we're also very likely to see a new version of the Apple Watch, though it doesn't seem like the hardware will change that much. There's also news of a device tracker that we've dubbed Apple Tags, that we're expecting to see. We don't anticipate any new announcements for iPad devices or Macs at this event (though Apple will likely hold another event in October where we'll see new models of the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and maybe even the official launch of the Mac Pro).

In addition to hardware, we're hoping to get official word of the pricing and launch date of both Apple Arcade and TV+. Apple Arcade is expected to launch alongside the release of iOS 13 for $4.99, but we're still in the dark about those details of TV+.

Rene and I will be at Steve Jobs Theatre on Tuesday morning, bright and early. We'll be live-tweeting all the news as it happens (let's be honest, Rene will be doing most of the live-tweeting because I'm terrible at the soch meeds). We'll then scurry into the demo room where we'll get a first glimpse at the new swag that's been announced. We'll have lots of pictures and first-look videos as soon as possible. Be sure to subscribe to Rene's Vector channel on YouTube because he'll have in-depth analysis and lots of video footage.

This is my first time attending an Apple event. I'm very excited, and to be honest, a little scared. It's going to be a whirlwind adventure that I'm sure will be over before I even come to terms with the fact that I'm actually there. On the most recent episode of the iMore Show, Rene and special guest Jim Dalrymple give me some really good advice on how to not look like a noob. Thanks, guys. I'm definitely sticking with you on Tuesday.

Following the event, iMore's dedicated team of writers will provide us with deeper dives into the features of the new iPhone (and whatever else is announced), so bookmark our live events page to find out what's new and what to expect from the iPhone event and the days that follow.

For now, I've got my bags packed and I'm ready for the biggest day of the year. It's like Christmas for Apple fans!

See you in Cupertino!

Lory Gil