No holidays this week. No late night movies. No excuses. Just an editor, his desk, and putting words to digital paper. Let's do this.

iMore 2.0 update

iMore's move to our all new, all VISOR (what I call it) platform has been fantastic, but it hasn't been without a few bumps in the roadmap. Our free iPhone app panicked. We fixed it. A few of our pages got a little confused. We're fixing them still. There's a lot of work left to do but we're already starting to roll out those new features we promised you.

Starting with comment editing.

We've heard a lot of you complain that, if you make a mistake in a comment, you can't correct it. That ends this week. Once we flip the switch, if you write it, you can fix it.

And there's still a lot more to come.

(Watch for something special tomorrow...)

iMore's choice

Part of iMore's mandate is to carefully curate the very best content for our readers, listeners, and viewers. We've been doing a lot of that already, but we wanted to make it simpler and more personal. Enter iMore's choice.

iMore's choice is going to be a very small series of articles focused on presenting you with the absolute best of the best of the best apps, accessories, and other iPhone and iPad related content.

We'll be adding to the iMore's choice lists when and if we find something really worth adding, and changing an item on the iMore's choice lists when and if we find something better.

Since they're meant for you, we want your feedback. We're editing the content, but you're shaping it. So let us know what we're missing and what could better.

We launched the first one earlier today, so check it out and check back often.

Writers, writers everywhere

In case you hadn't heard, iMore is looking for a few good writers. Scratch that. A few f'n great writers. We put out the call on Monday and to say we've been flooded by awesome applications would be an understatement. We're working our way through them all now, and we'll likely start contacting those we're interested in next week. If you haven't applied yet, there's still time.


We're giving away a ton of stuff on iMore lately. We just gave away not one but TWO $600 Apple Store gift certificates, and we're not stopping there:

You can always find the latest, greatest contests on our contest page so bookmark that bad boy and enter them all. Unless you don't like hundreds and hundreds of dollars of free stuff...?


I think it's safe to say the new format for our newly renamed iMore show is a hit, at least based on the phenomenal feedback we've been getting from you guys. We're following our "Less is iMore" strategy and tackling fewer subjects but talking about them more in-depth. Georgia's also taken the reins as host, which means I get to be a guest and really dive into the subject matter at hand. Seth's still keeping us real, and we'll be having more guests on to round things out and bring you even better discussion. We're all incredibly excited about it.

If you haven't listened lately, check out episode 302 and let us know what you think. Being the best damn iOS podcast on the 'net isn't enough for us. We want to better, and we need your help to do it, so speak up!

Don't miss ZEN and TECH either. We did a very Apple-centric show this week, focusing on... focus. Georgia's also considering doing a special series on parenting in the digital age. She's spent a lot of her therapy career working with children and parents, so I'm really hoping we can get it going sooner rather than later.


Can't stop. Won't stop.

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And done.