Editor's desk: Home, for now...

It's the quiet in between storms. Both BlackBerry Live and Google I/O 2013 are over, yet #TM13 and more importantly, WWDC 2013 are fast approaching. Tomorrow's a public holiday here in Canada, but I'll be working through it. And there's a bunch of reasons for that. Cue the bullet list...

  • BlackBerry Live, fun as it was, and awesome as the CrackBerry crew and John P. from GeekBeat.tv was to work with, it kept me away from a lot of what I had to do here on iMore. Both Peter and Richard, our new Mac and gaming, and news editors respectively, more than helped keep things going, but June is one of our busiest times and I'm going to have to haul ass now to catch up. There are still a lot of iOS 7 wants I have to add to my list. And if you have any as well, throw them in the comments!
  • We're changing up the iMore show. It's going to move back to Wednesdays, move to earlier in the day, and take on more of a panel, more of an encompassing format. We won't just be talking news, but apps and accessories, and taking your help and how-to questions as well. In other words, it'll be more of a Mobile Nations-type show. And we'll be starting that in just a few days. If you have anything specific you want to see in the all-new iMore show, let me know asap!
  • If you're a fan of the current iMore show, where I talk to other Apple and tech-centric people about specific subjects, don't worry. That won't be going away, it'll just be moving over slightly. Stay tuned!
  • Georgia's show, ZEN & TECH will be adding something new to the mix. I'm calling them moments of ZEN & TECH, but Georgia hates that name so it'll likely change. Basically, they're going to be short segments on specific topics. Again, stay tuned.
  • We just might be getting our media-centric podcast, Ad Hoc, back in gear. If you think this timing suggests Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness episodes, you're either a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, a Vulcan, or both. The size and diversity of people we have on those shows makes scheduling them tricky, but we're going to get them done.
  • Speaking of Vulcans and Avengers, if you hadn't heard already, Derek Kessler has gone full time on Mobile Nations. He'll be working across all our sites, and that means you should be seeing him even more often here on iMore. He's fantastic, we're lucky to have him, and please take a moment to join me in welcoming him into his new role!

And some news bites:

  • Sounds like Yahoo! is buying Tumblr for 1.1 billion, at least according to Kara Swisher of AllThingsD. We'll cover it more fully in the near future, but for now I'm curious to know what the Tumblr users among us think? Yahoo! hasn't taken anything approaching good care of its web properties in recent years, but will new management and a hot new property make any difference?
  • Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 devices in one weekend, failed to meet expectations, and got lambasted for it in the media and the market. According to Philip Elmer-Dewitt in Fortune, Samsung has shipped (not sold) 10 million Galaxy S4 devices in 10 weeks. Yet that doesn't seem to have failed to meet any expectations, or gotten them lambasted in any of the same media or markets. Again, we'll cover that more fully in its own article, but in the meantime, does that tell us more about the expectations placed on both companies, the general perceptions, or both?

Photo: Mobile Nations Tango & Cash by Martin Reisch... Though I have no idea which of us is meant to be which of them...?