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Here we are, back again for another installment of From the Editor's Desk with yours truly. And is it just me, or did April just pass by in a flash, whereas the month of March seemed to drag on for what seemed like forever? We're already in the month of May, which is crazy.

As I'm sure you're all aware, the current pandemic situation around the world isn't really letting up, and things are still on fire right now, whether we like it or not. In fact, I've noticed more places are enforcing "face-covering required to enter" rules, and while I understand the reasoning for this, it does get annoying when you're trying to unlock a Face ID iPhone. Fortunately, it seems that a fix is on the way with iOS 13.5. The beta has a new feature that skips Face ID verification and prompts users right away for their passcode if it detects a mask on the user's face. I'm eager for this update to get released because it slows people down who are trying to use their phones while shopping, or even using Apple Pay at the register. Hopefully, it's sooner rather than later.

Speaking of current news, Apple has updated the News category in the Podcasts app to make it easier and more accessible for everyone. With the updated News category, everyone can find free, high-quality podcasts about important current news with ease. In a world that seems rampant with problems from "fake news," providing easy access to reliable and trustworthy sources for important news is a big deal. I'm glad to see that Apple has taken another step towards combating unreliable sources.

Anyways, do you remember that the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro came out a few weeks ago? There's been a lot of hubbub about it, and our own Lory Gil reviewed the 11-inch version of the Magic Keyboard. If you haven't already read the review, you should check it out.

I've been using the 11-inch version also a few times during the past week for work, and it has been making working from my iPad more enjoyable than before. I personally love how the iPad Pro looks with the Magic Keyboard and fully tilted back — it's like a mini iMac with that hinge design. The scissor-switch keys are a joy to type with, but I have noticed that due to the smaller size of the 11-inch version, it's a little hard for me to reach the - and = buttons, and when I type out a number, I often hit the bottom of the iPad. But the trackpad use has been buttery smooth, and for the most part, everything is stable when working. Having the iPad with the Magic Keyboard in your lap is still not ideal, but it's doable. While I still prefer to do a lot of my work from my Mac, the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard turns it into more of a productivity machine for me, and I will be working from it when I'm able to.

For those of you without an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, there are alternatives. Jared DiPane reviewed the Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Air, which adds a trackpad to the keyboard, giving you a more Pro-like experience. Overall, Jared highly recommends the Combo Touch for all iPad Air owners who need a keyboard case. If you haven't already read his review, then hop on over and check it out!

Finally, Mother's Day is next week! Despite all that's going on right now, it's still possible to have a good Mother's Day, whether you're under the same roof or not. Don't miss some cool apps to help make Mother's Day great, how to treat mom while sheltering in place, and don't forget the flowers!

That's it for this week, iMorians. Until next time.

- Christine Romero-Chan