Epomaker Nt68 On MacbookSource: Epomaker

What you need to know

  • Epomaker has a new mechanical keyboard coming that can sit atop your MacBook's keyboard.
  • You can use it as a normal mechanical keyboard if you'd prefer.

Mechanical keyboard maker Epomaker has a new offering in the works and it's unlike anything you've seen before. Dubbed the NT68, this keyboard is designed to sit atop your MacBook's own keyboard, making it easier to use on the go.

The Epomaker NT68 is a 65% mechanical keyboard with an invisible and foldaway stand. It's Bluetooth 5.1-capable and can be paired with up to three devices at the same time and even features hot-swappable mechanical switches for those who like to change things up. But it's that invisible stand that makes the keyboard so cool because it's that which makes it possible to put this thing on top of a MacBook's keyboard.

Prefer to use your keyboard in front of your MacBook, or with a desktop Mac? That works too, with Bluetooth use said to get you up to 80 hours of use when the RGB lights are being used. Turn them off, and you should be good for up to five hours of use.

Nt68 Feature ImageSource: Epomaker

Want to use this thing with an iPad? That works as well thanks to the included "proprietary slim magnet case" that also acts as a stand for tablets and phones, too.

Epomaker isn't yet saying how much the NT68 will cost, or when it will go on sale. You can at least sign up to be notified when there's more news over on the Epomaker website, so that's probably worth your time if you're keen to pick one of these new mechanical keyboards up.

I'm very much into the world of mechanical keyboards right now and I'm absolutely keen to test the NT68 out myself. What about you?