ESR iPad StandSource: ESR

What you need to know

  • ESR has announced the Sentry Stand Case.
  • It's for the 10.2-inch iPad.
  • It has seven viewing angles and can be hung on things.

Accessory maker ESR has announced an all-new case designed for the 10.2-inch iPad, and it has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Not least the fact that it can be used to hang your iPad on a fridge.

Starting with the more mundane, the case supports seven different viewing angles when propping your iPad up, so you're never going to be unable to find just the right one when watching "The Mandalorian." And there's somewhere to keep your Apple Pencil safe as well. Which is all great, but it's the fridge sticking thing that got you here, isn't it?

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ESR iPad Stand anglesSource: ESR

According to ESR, this case uses the magic of the magnet to allow it to be attached to metal surfaces, like your fridge. I'm not 100% sure why you might want to do that, but ESR reckons people like to do it when cooking. Or something.

This heavy-duty case has an adjustable magnetic kickstand that supports 7 convenient viewing and typing angles up to 60° in horizontal mode. The magnetic cover can be attached to any metal surface like a refrigerator for cooking in the kitchen, powerful enough to keep your iPad and Apple Pencil safe. It also can be hung on a hook.

Oh yeah. You can hang it on a hook, too.

If you want to pick the new Sentry Stand Case up you can get one of your very own for around $30, although there tends to be the odd voucher on Amazon, too. Unfortunately, it appears that black is your only color option, too.

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