Yes, you should buy an iPad on Amazon Prime Day, as it's a terrific time to score a huge discount, especially on discontinued models such as the iPad (2019) and iPad Air (2019). There might also be discounts on the existing iPad mini (2019), although that's less certain.

Lots of power at a discount

Apple recently introduced an all-new iPad and iPad Air for 2020. These introductions don't mean their predecessors are suddenly bound for the trash heap. Both the iPad (2019) and iPad Air (2019) still pack plenty of power, but because Apple is no longer making them, you'll be able to purchase them for less. The iPad mini (2019), which offers similar specs to the iPad Air (2019) remains on the market, but that doesn't mean you won't still find discounts on the 7.9-inch device.

Why buy an iPad (2019) on Prime Day?

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Last year's iPad and the latest model are nearly identical, with the same screen size, storage options, cameras, RAM, connection ports, and more. The difference lies with the processor, an A10 Fusion on the earlier model vs. an A12 Bionic found on this year's version. If you find Prime Day deals on an iPad (2019), hit the buy button and never look back. You'll be getting a great discount on a product that's nearly identical to its successor.

Why buy an iPad Air (2019) on Prime Day?

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By contrast, Apple made significant changes between last year's iPad Air and the new model. The newest model has a bigger display, better processor and rear-facing camera, support for the second-generation Apple Pencil, 4K video recording, a USB-C connector, and more.

Despite this, last year's model is still worth considering. With a 10.5-inch display, the iPad Air (2019) is larger than the iPad (2019 and 2020), and it still supports an Apple Pencil (first-generation). Plus, the front-facing camera is the same one you'll find on the newer model. If you aren't quite ready to switch to USB-C, keep in mind that the iPad Air (2019) still comes with a Lightning connector.

On price, even without an Amazon Prime Day discount, last year's model is cheaper. The iPad Air (2020) is $100 more expensive across all options.

Why buy an iPad mini (2019) on Prime Day?

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The current iPad mini isn't likely to get a 2020 replacement like the iPad (2019) and iPad Air (2019). And yet, Amazon often discounts this model regardless. Though we don't yet know how much Amazon will discount the iPad mini (2019) on Prime Day, it could prove significant. The iPad mini (2019) is best described as an iPad Air (2019), but with a smaller display. Not surprisingly, it makes our list of the best iPads of the year!

iPad (2019)

iPad (2019)

You could be highly rewarded with Prime Day deals on this iPad. Nearly identical (inside and out) compared to this year's model, the iPad (2019) is a great entry-level tablet for yourself or younger family members.

from $329 at Amazon
iPad Air (2019)

iPad Air (2019)

Not as flashy as the newer iPad Air model, but this version is still impressive. From its awesome 10.5-inch display to its beefy internals, this is a great iPad to own, especially if you can get it at a nice discount.

from $457 at Amazon
Ipad Mini 2019 5th Gen

iPad mini (2019)

If you want a smaller sized iPad, this is the only one you can get. Featuring the same internals as the iPad Air (2019), the latest iPad mini fits nicely in the hands, making it the most mobile iPad on the market. Buy it for less, and enjoy it!

from $336 at Amazon

Don't wait for Black Friday

This year, Prime Day is very close to Black Friday, which is another day we oftentimes see big sales on iPad devices. What's important to realize is that the sales on Prime Day might affect supplies for Black Friday. Something that is available now, may not be at the end of November. And, shipping times have been sporadic, at best, this past year. If you want to be sure your item makes it to your doorstep before December 25, it'd be smarter to buy now on Prime Day and don't wait until Black Friday.

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