Following in the footsteps of the first-gen model, Eve has announced a brand new Room sensor which brings along with it a number of improvements. The Room sensor is able to track indoor climate and monitor the air quality and display important information on its redesigned e-ink display. You can customize what is displayed on the screen, and it has HomeKit support for Siri control and you can access it via a HomePod or Apple TV. It sets up in just seconds using Bluetooth Low Energy technology and doesn't require a bridge to use.

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Pre-orders are now open for the Eve Room at $99.95 and shipments are set to begin on September 12. While $100 may seem a bit expensive for a room sensor, it's actually on the lower end of the pricing spectrum in comparison. The Foobot indoor air quality monitor comes in at $199, Awair's: Know What's In The Air You Breathe is on sale for $164, and the newest from Awair also sits at $199.

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