Eve launches updated HomeKit air quality sensor with Thread

Eve Room Thread in a home setting
Eve Room Thread in a home setting (Image credit: Eve Systems)

What you need to know

  • Eve Systems has launched a new HomeKit-enabled Air Quality Sensor.
  • Latest generation Eve Room monitors temperature, humidity, and volatile organic compounds.
  • New Eve Room sensor also supports Thread and sports an e-ink display.

Smart home accessory vendor Eve Systems has announced the launch of a new HomeKit-enabled air quality sensor on Tuesday. The all-new Eve Room monitors the temperature, humidity, and VOC levels in the home and relays measurements to HomeKit via the latest wireless standard — Thread.

"Thread has been a spectacular success for us, and in a not too distant future a Thread network in your house will be just as common as Wi-Fi", says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. "If you purchase an Eve product with Thread, like Eve Room, you're making a sustainable, future-proof choice, as Thread is one of the natively supported standards in Matter, the common protocol backed by Apple, Google, Amazon, SmartThings/Samsung, Eve and many more."

Eve Room Thread Layout example

Eve Room Thread Layout example (Image credit: Amazon)

Like the previous model Eve Room, the updated air quality sensor sports a sleek aluminum frame and a high-contrast e-ink display that puts measurements a glance away. The updated Eve Room is also completely wireless and powered by an integrated rechargeable battery that provides six weeks of monitoring.

HomeKit integration allows users to review the status of the home at any time via the Home app, Eve for HomeKit app, or through Siri. Measurements provided by the Eve Room can also be used in automation with other HomeKit-enabled accessories, such as turning on an air purifier when air quality declines.

Eve Room Thread Features

Eve Room Thread Features (Image credit: Amazon)

Thanks to the newly introduced Thread compatibility, the updated Eve Room offers faster response times, greater range, and increased reliability over the previous Bluetooth-only model. With Thread, smart home accessories like the Eve Room communicate via mesh networking technology that can self-heal by selecting alternate routes for data if problems arise.

In addition to Thread, the Eve Room air quality sensor also supports Bluetooth connectivity. Both Bluetooth and Thread offer direct pairing and HomeKit operation without a dedicated Eve hub. However, to take advantage of Thread, users will need a Thread Border Router, such as the latest Apple TV 4K or the HomePod mini.

The latest generation Eve Room with Thread is available for purchase now at evehome.com and through Amazon. The Eve Room retails for $99.95 for a single unit, and additional information about Eve's Thread implementation can be found on the Eve blog.

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