Best HomeKit air quality sensors in 2024

Monitoring the air quality in your home is one of a myriad of ways that a smart home can improve your quality of life and even your health. By monitoring your home for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with one of the best HomeKit air quality sensors on the market, you can reduce the concentration of harmful, carcinogenic air pollutants in your home. Harnessing the power of HomeKit, these life-saving devices can alert you to poor air quality with an iPhone notification, and can be controlled using nothing but your voice with Siri. They'll show you how the levels of VOCs can change in your home from day to day, and how activities like cooking can bring down the quality of the air in your home. 

A smart HomeKit air quality sensor is the natural companion of the best HomeKit air purifiers on the market, with automation enabling a system that automatically cleans the air in your home when it drops below a certain threshold. Here are our top picks for a smart HomeKit air quality sensor. 

Make sure you're breathing in the best air with a HomeKit air quality sensor

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Monitor the situation with the best HomeKit air quality sensors

The best HomeKit air quality sensors are the quiet protectors of your home, silently measuring for dust, pollen, VOCs, CO2, and more. Once your device is up and running, it can work with tons of HomeKit accessories such as smart plugs that can turn on an air purifier if the air in your home becomes an issue. Siri support allows you to summon a brief report, with the virtual assistant replying with easy-to-understand responses such as "good" or "bad."

We love the Eve Room for its beautiful design and its portability. This fantastic monitor includes an E Ink display with customization options to make the metric that matters the most to you at the forefront. This sensor also features a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to six weeks, and it supports Thread — the latest and greatest connectivity standard.

Need an air quality sensor that works both indoors and out? Then the Netatmo Weather Station is the one for you. This healthy helper supports air quality, humidity, and CO2, plus it gives you a local temperature report when placed outside of your home. Whatever sensor you choose, you will gain valuable insight into what is floating around in your home.

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