Eve Door and Window Sensor installed above a doorSource: Eve

What you need to know

  • Eve has announced that it plans to add Thread connectivity to existing HomeKit accessories.
  • Thread wireless connectivity is compatible with Apple's upcoming HomePod mini.
  • Eve Door and Window sensor along with the EU Eve Energy smart plug are the first in line for the update.

Eve Systems has announced that it plans to update several popular HomeKit devices with Thread wireless connectivity later this month. Thread connectivity offers quicker response times and greater range when compared to Bluetooth, which most of the company's accessories utilize, and will work directly with Apple's upcoming HomePod mini.

"Delivering powerful Home Hub functionality embedded into an affordable Siri-enabled speaker, HomePod mini is giving HomeKit a major boost," said Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. "Support for HomeKit over Thread takes the entire Eve platform to the forefront of smart home innovation, and we're thrilled to be among the first to bring this cutting-edge smart home technology to HomePod mini users' homes."

Available as a free firmware update through the Eve for HomeKit app soon, the Eve Door and Window contact sensor, and the EU version of the Eve Energy smart plug will be the first to gain Thread support. After the initial rollout, Eve plans to bring Thread to its entire lineup of products, with the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller and the Eve Thermo being next in line.

Eve Aqua attached to a spigot outdoorsSource: Eve

Once updated, Eve accessories will automatically communicate with each other in the home and the HomePod mini. The switch to Thread will not require any adjustments or configuration on the user's part, and for those without a HomePod mini, the accessories will continue to work over Bluetooth.

According to Eve, Thread's mesh networking technology allows accessories to "self-heal" by selecting alternate routes for data if problems arise. Mesh networking will also increase the range and response times of Eve accessories, which should solve some of the most common complaints seen with Bluetooth devices.

The Eve Door and Window sensor is currently available through various retailers such as Amazon, and Apple for $39.95. The Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller is available for $99.95.

Thread up!

Eve Door and Window Contact Sensor on a white background

Eve Door and Window

Open and shut

The Eve Door and Window is a quick and easy way to add security to the Home with a peel and stick installation that works directly with HomeKit. An update later this month will add Thread wireless connectivity, which works with the HomePod mini.

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