It's Pride Month, which means plenty of companies are coming out with Pride-themed versions of clothing, accessories, and other items that can help you display your Pride any time of the year. Converse shoes, in addition to their normal robust array of customization options, have added several Pride-themed colors, stripes, designs, and other parts to their custom Pride shoes to help you make the perfect style.

A special Pride design: Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Pride Low Top

If you want a shoe showcasing the rainbow flag, you can customize either black or white low tops or high tops with the rainbow banner. Though the website offers a template to start from, this design can be mixed and matched with different designs or shoe parts such as the heel stripe, the shoe's binding, the laces, tongue label, sidewall print, and the "license plate" on the back of the shoe. Simply open Edit Design from the shoe's page to choose the pattern and style you want.

$80 at Converse

For a little rainbow lightning: Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Pride High Top

Just like the low tops, Converse black or white high tops can also be customized either with the rainbow banner seen in the low top on this list, or with rainbow lightning bolts. There are a number of other customization options as well under Edit Design, so have fun making the most exciting Pride-inspired shoe you want.

$80 at Converse

Trans Pride: Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Trans Pride Low or High Top

Converse has included additional designs specifically to celebrate Trans Pride. These colors and designs can be edited onto any style of shoe that you want, high or low top, or you can start from one of the templates provided by Converse and adjust until you have the perfect Pride shoe.

$80 at Converse

Create your own: Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Low or High Top

Finally, if none of these options appeals to you or if you want to create one of the other LGBTQIA+ flags, you can start from a basic template such as a plain high or low top shoe and make whatever flag you want. For instance, I made a custom version with the bi flag colors pictured here. You can do this with any of the other Pride flags, mix and match with the other Pride designs in any way you'd like!

$80 at Converse

You have options

If you're starting from one of the Pride design templates, you have a few options. The important thing to remember when customizing Pride Converse shoes is that while the templates you're shown on the page are options, they aren't the only ones available. Just about every aspect of the shoe can be customized. There are any number of choices and steps you can take, so from there it's all about playing around with the options you want.

There are so many different ways you can customize Pride Converse, both during Pride Month and after. Whether you're making your own flag shoe or rocking rainbow lightning bolts, lovers of Converse shoes should be able to find a good way to customize a new pair for Pride with these new options.

How to customize your kicks

To make a custom Converse of any kind, here's what you want to do:

  1. Visit the Converse website and go to Custom Shoes.
  2. Choose a base template to start from. In the main customization section, you can pick from high or low tops, and unisex shoes or children's shoes. From there, most of the other customization is the same regardless of which you pick. Just make sure you have the style and size correct.
  3. During Pride Month, Converse has added some special designs and colors to help you get a good-looking Pride-themed converse. You can see most of these options from the normal customization page, but if you want to start from a pre-made Pride template, go to Shop Custom Pride.
  4. Once you've chosen your shoe, click Edit Design. You'll be given a lot of different options to customize every aspect of the shoe!
  5. When you have it exactly how you like it, click Done.
  6. Select Add to cart to purchase your shoe.

There you have it! You have your very own customized Converse to show your pride!