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What you need to know

  • The new iPad Pros are confirmed to have 6GB of RAM on all models.
  • The new models also feature the U11 chip.
  • The A12Z processor has also been confirmed to have eight cores.

Apple released a new iPad Pro with a new Magic Keyboard today, making it and the 2018 iPad Pro the first you can control with a trackpad and cursor. Now, with the release of the iOS 13.4 GM build to developers, we now know a little more about the internals of the new iPads.

Reported by 9to5Mac, all of the 2020 iPad Pros now feature 6GB of RAM. This is an upgrade from the 2018 iPad Pros, as only the 1TB version had 6GB of RAM, while the lower storage models had 4GB. Now, anyone who buys a 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB model will rest easy knowing they have the same performance under the hood.

The GM build has also revealed that the new iPad Pros come equipped with the U11 wide-band chip found on the new iPhones. The U11 is currently able to be used for more direct AirDrop transfers between devices, but it is expected to have more important uses like locating a lost device with greater accuracy. Those more useful features are expected in a future software release.

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The one thing that is not highly detailed in the GM build is the new A12Z chip, the processor that powers the new iPad Pro. It was discovered that the new processor has been upgraded to eight cores, whereas its predecessor, the A12X, had only seven cores.

Another thing found in the build was that all of the new iPad models feature WiFi 6 support, something seemingly missing from the new Macbook Air models. WiFi 6 is still relatively new and not many devices support it yet, but it will bring faster speeds and better coverage as it gains momentum.

More details around the components of the new models as developers have more time to look through the new build.

LiDAR for Life

2020 iPad Pro

iPad Pro (2020)

An iPad camera that is now as good as an iPhone's.

The 2020 iPad Pro has a faster processor, an advanced camera system, a LiDAR scanner for AR, and support for a true cursor experience with the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad.

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