Socks are the number one most requested clothing item in homeless shelters. New York-based apparel brand Bombas wants to change that. Its buy-one-give-one business model has seen over 37 million items donated to help the homeless since 2013. In time for Pride Month, Bombas has upped the awesome by introducing a new collection of Pride-themed socks. Inspired by the bright, diverse LGBTQ+ community, Bombas says, "These socks are a reminder to live colorfully and always be true to yourself." For every pair you purchase, a pair will be donated to someone in need in the LGBTQ+ community through The Ally Coalition. Here are all the fantastic options for your perusal.

Pride 2020

Pride Tiedye Calf Fuchsia Trueblue Layflat Product

Hippy chic: Tie Dye Pride Calf Socks

Staff Pick

Travel back in time to the summer of love with these delightful hippy-dippy tie-dye socks. Unapologetically colorful, these scream "Pride" in the best way possible. We just love the classic Pride rainbow juxtaposed with the psychedelic pattern.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Tiedye Ankle Fuchsia Trueblue Layflat Product

Mini me: Tie Dye Pride Ankle Socks

The tie-dye design is also available as a tidy little ankle sock option. A perfect sneaker-friendly sock, as with all Bomas products, these get a Y-stitched heel, making for a form-fitting curve that perfectly contours to your foot. Comfy and cool.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Rainbowstripe Bee Calf White Layflat Product

Honey trap: Bee Proud Calf Socks

A classic-looking white athletic sock has been given a Bombas "Bee Better" makeover, with the fabulous "Bee Proud" message. We love how the rainbow pops against the white, while the honeycomb pattern on the foot continues the theme.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Bee Proud Quarter

Feel the buzz: Bee Proud Quarter Socks

You can also get the Bee Proud design on a quarter sock. Like the rest of the Bombas range, this design has a seamless toe. Bombas takes the time to link the final seam on every pair of socks carefully by hand, creating a smooth sock with no annoying bump.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Logo Calf Black Layflat Product

Fit for a Bear: Double Rainbow Calf Socks

Woah! It's double rainbows all the way with this striking black design that sports not just one, but two meteorological phenomenons. This is ideal for anyone who has to wear dark socks but wants to add that hint of Pride-themed flair.

$12 at Bombas
Double Rainbow Quarter Socks Bombas

Sock spectrum: Double Rainbow Quarter Socks

There is also a quarter sock version of the black "Double Rainbow" design. Like other Bombas socks, these are made using moisture-wicking, extra long staple cotton that keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Leopard Calf Softwhite Layflat Product

Change your spots: Leopard Pride Calf Socks

Indeed, a leopard can't change its spots. However, we can all encourage the less open-minded out there to change their opinions by supporting Pride. Let's shout the message of inclusivity and acceptance loud and proud.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Leopard Ankle Layflat Product

Spot on: Leopard Pride Ankle Socks

The leopard design also comes in ankle sock size. Bombas ankle socks, quarter socks, and calf socks all boast micro honeycomb arch support to cradle the arch of your foot with a firm but comfortable compression.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Calf Pink Purple Blue Layflat Product

Flying the flag: Bisexual Pride Flag Calf Socks

This design depicts the bi pride flag's colors. The magenta represents same-sex attraction, the blue represents heterosexual attraction, and the lavender, as it's a mixture of magenta and blue, represents attraction to both sexes.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Calf Blue White Pink Layflat Product

Pink to make them wink: Transgender Pride Flag Calf Socks

This design is all about the trans pride flag. The blue is the traditional color for baby boys, pink is for girls, and the white that is in the middle of the original flag is for those who are transitioning, or who feel they have a neutral gender or no gender.

$12 at Bombas
Pride Calf 6 Pack

Grab a six pack: Pride Calf Sock 6-Pack

This superb six-pack gives you a selection of calf-style Pride sock in a multi-pack of fabulous. You do get to enjoy a saving by buying this set, and then you also get to enjoy wearing some amazing foot filters, knowing you've made a difference.

$69 at Bombas
Pride Ankle Quarter

Awesome foursome: Pride Ankle & Quarter Sock 4-Pack

If calf socks aren't your thing, you can still enjoy some multi-pack goodness with a four-pack of the quarter and ankle-length options from Bombas' Pride collection. Like all Bombas adult socks, these are available in S, M, L, and XL.

$46 at Bombas
Bombas Pride 10 Pack

The ultimate collection: Pride x Bombas 10-Pack

The ultimate option from Bombas' Price collection is this 10-pack of wonder. This gives you one pair of every single Pride sock design, including the transgender and bisexual flag socks missing from the six-pack. It makes a great gift.

$108 at Bombas
Youth Pride Bombas

Cool for kids: Youth Bombas Pride Sock 8-Pack

Bombas hasn't left the kids out of the Pride party. This set gives a child a Pride-themed pair of socks for every day of the week with a spare leftover. The socks are designed to fit five to 11-year-olds. As always, one purchased, one donated.

$44 at Bombas
Toddler Pride Pack

For teeny tiny toes: Toddler Pride Gripper Calf Sock 4-Pack

Even tiny ones are taken care of within this collection. Bombas offers a four-pack of Pride socks for toddlers. These get special ultra-thin PVC stay-put grippers on the bottom of each sole, to help wobbly walkers stay upright.

$21 at Bombas

Bee better with Bombas

If money is no object and you really want to support the Pride message while helping out someone in need from the LGBTQ+ community, then we strongly recommended the Pride x Bombas 10-Pack. You get ten high-quality socks with vibrant Pride-themed designs, and 10 pairs get donated.

Anyone who wants to do their bit, but on a smaller scale, should still be encouraged to purchase their fave design. Every little bit helps, and even just one more pair of socks being donated is going to make a difference to somebody. If we had to choose one design, we like our over staff pick; the flamboyant Tie Dye Pride Calf Socks.

If you're drilling down into the Pride message to especially show pride or support for those who are transgender or bisexual, then Bombas has you covered. Check out the Transgender Pride Flag Calf Socks and the Bisexual Pride Flag Calf Socks. This is flag-flying at its best, and Bombas should be praised for creating such a cool collection.