Strongsync On Macbook AirSource: ExpanDrive

What you need to know

  • ExpanDrive Strongsync now supports Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Strongsync makes your cloud-based data easier to access without using local storage space.

ExpanDrive Strongsync has been updated to add support for two of the most popular cloud storage providers on the planet – both Dropbox and OneDrive now work with the latest release.

Strongsync is an app that acts as a macOS 11 File Provider to make it easier to access files stored on cloud services like the aforementioned Dropbox and OneDrive. Because files are accessed and downloaded as and when they are needed, users don't lose tons of SSD space to files that they don't need right there and then.

Strongsync is a beautiful SwiftUI 2 macOS App. Our File Provider directly integrates with Spotlight search indexing for content you've browsed or downloaded locally.

What this means for you: files get downloaded and open when you need them. They don't suck up any free space while not in use. It is fast as if it was local, because it's all on your SSD - not network drive or kernel extension.

Despite all of your files living on a server in the cloud, Strongsync still supports Apple's M1 Macs and Spotlight search natively, making it a pretty cool way to get access to your stuff, especially when the price of storage is so high when configuring a new Mac.

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You can download ExpanDrive Strongsync from the ExpanDrive website now. If you're quick and enter discount code "TWENTYFIVE" you'll save 25%, too. That ends today, though!