Famicom Detective Club tips and tricks to solve these two mysteries faster

Famicom Detective Club Tmh On Cliff
Famicom Detective Club Tmh On Cliff (Image credit: iMore)

Two Famicom Detective Club games, remade from their 1988 counterparts, have recently made their way onto Nintendo Switch. You'll focus on uncovering the mystery behind the Ayashiro family curse in The Missing Heir, while trying to learn the truth about a murder school girl in The Girl Who Stands Behind. In order to make it far, you're going to have be very perceptive and listen to those you interview. You'll also have to get through some unintuitive mechanics to solve the mystery. Here are some tips to get ahead, including some that the game doesn't tell you.

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X is your friend

Famicom Detective Club Tgwsb Dialogue (Image credit: iMore)

Dialogue is super important in Famicom Detective Club — somebody might drop an important clue. If you accidentally skipped through someone's dialogue, you can see what they just said by pressing the X button. I ended up using this way to catch up more than I thought I would.

Listen to what characters say

Famicom Detective Club Tmh Ayumi (Image credit: iMore)

Similarly, if you're talking to someone and they mention another character or object, you'll want to follow up by asking about that same character or object to get further into the plot. Famicom Detective Club games sometimes require you to find the exact information to move onto the next chapter so using leads to push further into conversations is sometimes your best bet.

When in doubt, check your surroundings

Famicom Detective Club Tgwsb Clock (Image credit: iMore)

As we previously mentioned, this visual novel only lets you move on from a section if you've asked the right questions or performed the right actions. Sometimes the things you need to do aren't intuitive. If you're stuck, select Examine and see if there's anything in the area that will lead to more options. Sometimes the items in the scene are small and harder to see. You should also specifically examine your Surroundings or Call/Engage people nearby as this can reveal more people to talk to.

Remember to repeat yourself

Famicom Detective Club (Image credit: Nintendo)

Put simply, you're going to need to repeat yourself. There are several times when you'll need to ask someone the same thing to get them to confess something or you'll need to interact with the same item multiple times in a row before you learn all you can from it. Once a character starts repeating themselves, you'll know you can't get any more info from that topic, yet. If you're stuck, go back and repeat some of your questions or retake some of the actions you've already taken.

Get a clue

With these handy Famicom Detective Club tips and tricks, you'll be uncovering the mysteries behind The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind in no time. Just remember to be patient and try everything you can if you get stuck. If you don't take actions in the right order, you might not be able to move on.

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