Fans have created a series of mockups for the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro

08 Foldable Switch Pro Concept
08 Foldable Switch Pro Concept (Image credit: The Toy Zone)

What you need to know

  • The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular video game consoles in recent years.
  • Rumors have been circulating about a hardware upgrade to the system.
  • Fans have taken it upon themselves to generate mock-up renders of what they hope it will look like.

Fans of the incredibly popular Nintendo Switch have been waiting with bated breath for any news of the rumored "Nintendo Switch Pro" since the original model released. Nintendo has been known for releasing more ergonomic, efficient, feature-rich versions of their hardware, particularly in the handheld console department. Many a rumor has surfaced about announcement dates, possible 4K capabilities, release dates, and how sleek the form-factor will be since around 2018. Recent rumors have been claiming that Nintendo plans to announce the system for this year's E3 Nintendo Direct presentation, which would really close the E3 season with a bang.

Playing make-believe is no less fun, however, which is why the people over at The Toy Zone created a series of mock-ups based on various Nintendo consoles, games and video game characters.

The NES Switch

01 Nes Switch Pro Concept

01 Nes Switch Pro Concept (Image credit: The Toy Zone)

While this these mock-up Joy-Con may not look comfortable to hold, there is no doubt that this rendition stays truthful to the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System, the world-famous video game home console that, arguably, saved the video game industry from ruin.

The SNES Switch

02 Snes Switch Pro Concept

02 Snes Switch Pro Concept (Image credit: The Toy Zone)

The NES' cooler brother, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, built upon what made the NES great. This console is unique in that it got two different looks in the North American and European/Japanese markets, the latter of which is clearly favored by those over at The Toy Zone.

The Nintendo 64 Switch ("Switchy Four")

03 Nintendo 64 Switch Pro Concept

03 Nintendo 64 Switch Pro Concept (Image credit: The Toy Zone)

Though the nickname elicited a chuckle from me, this Switch took the original three-prong design of the Nintendo 64 controller and turned it into a sleek system. I can already hear the Mario Kart 64 music playing in my head!

The Game Boy Switch

05 Game Boy Switch Pro Concept

05 Game Boy Switch Pro Concept (Image credit: The Toy Zone)

Now THIS is a Pokémon machine. The iconic grey brick has been turned into a sleek HD system. If only Nintendo would make Gameboy Virtual Console games available through Nintendo Switch Online so that we could play Pokémon Red and Blue...

The GameCube Switch

04 Gamecube Switch Pro Concept

04 Gamecube Switch Pro Concept (Image credit: The Toy Zone)

Is it blue? Purple? Blurple? No, it's the iconic Nintendo GameCube indigo color that we all know and love! If console-specific Joy-Con ever become a thing, I wonder if the trigger buttons will be analog? I can already see Melee fans using these controllers to settle things amongst friends in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

The Mario Kart Switch

06 Mario Kart Switch Pro Concept

06 Mario Kart Switch Pro Concept (Image credit: The Toy Zone)

Here we go-oooo! You'd be able to zoom across the tracks and avoid those pesky Blue Shells as best as you can if this interesting Nintendo Switch concept ever came to life. The raised screen would ensure that you stay focused on the action at all times. Plus the joysticks look like wheels, too!

The Star Fox Switch

07 Star Fox Switch Pro Concept

07 Star Fox Switch Pro Concept (Image credit: The Toy Zone)

Get ready to do a barrel roll to stores near you if Nintendo hears our cries and releases a Star Fox themed Nintendo Switch system. This gorgoeous powder blue and the angled controllers will make you feel like you're really playing games in the future.

The Foldable Switch

Last but not least is the Foldable Switch, taking inspiration from Nintendo's famous Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS family of systems. The screen folds up to reveal a larger vertical screen, which owuld be great for Nintendo Ds Virtual Console games. Though I'm not sure whether a special type of plastic would need to be used to make the screen work without breaking over time, simply seing thismock-up makes me super nostalgic for the days I played Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World with my friends.

What do you think of these fan-made mock-ups? Do any of them resemble your dream Nintendo Switch pro? Let us know in the comments!

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