Farewell, Leanna Lofte!

I'm heartbroken and yet profoundly proud to announce that this is Leanna Lofte's last week here at iMore. Leanna first joined us as a forum member in September of 2008, and impressed us so much that she quickly became a moderator, and by April of 2009, had begun writing app reviews. Among her earliest subjects were, of course, a math app and a photography app roundup. Studying and teaching math, and taking photographs, were and are two of her greatest passions. (The others being, as anyone who follows any of her social streams well knows, tiny dogs that look more like Ewoks, her husband and fellow mathamagician, Dave, and most recently, her impossibly cute little daughters, Lila and Lucy.)

All of those, and more, have been evident in her work at iMore. Most especially her photography, if only because it so magnificently captures and shares all of the others. (And because her insistance that math is theoretical has shaken our world-views and, frankly, scared us.)

From camera tests for all the latest iOS devices, to apps that she reviewed and taught us all how to better use, to the hero imagery that now adorns all of our pages, Leanna not only changed how iMore looks, but how we at iMore look at the world around us. (In a custom white-balanced, rule-of-thirds grid, if you must know!)

And now she's done with blogging, and is moving on.

Leanna has been offered and has accepted a job in the San Francisco Bay Area, doing what we just know she'll be incredibly great at doing. She'll be taking the rest of the week to finish up some special projects for iMore she's been wanting to do for a while, and then she'll be seeing to her move, and her new career, and as much as we'll miss her terribly, we're even more unbelievably happy and excited for her.

Leanna, you've brought joy to us every day through your intelligence and your charm. You taught us and inspired us, and we're so very much better, in so very many ways, for having had you here.

We wish you every happiness. You'll always be with us in spirit, and in our hearts.

Thank you, Leanna, for everything!

For the further adventures of Leanna Lofte, you should follow her on Twitter @llofte