FCC working to bring net neutrality back from the dead... but is it enough?

The Federal Communications Commission has announced its plan to craft new rules for net neutrality, following a defeat last month in federal court. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler highlighted a plan that greatly resembles the old rules, including provisions for transparency, as well as a prohibition on blocking and limiting traffic based on its source. The FCC will use authority granted to it under Title II of the Telecommunications act of 1996, according to Wheeler's statement:

As the Court of Appeals noted, as long as Title II – with the ability to reclassify Internet access service as a telecommunications service – remains a part of the Communications Act, the Commission has the ability to utilize it if warranted. Accordingly, the Commission’s docket on Title II authority remains open.

So the FCC will essentially reestablish the old rules with new legal justification. But is that enough, or should the rules be completely rethought? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Federal Communications Commission