DoubleTake selectorSource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

What you need to know

  • FiLMiC's DoubleTake now supports multi-cam recording on iPad Pro.
  • You'll need a 2018 or newer iPad Pro to use it.
  • The iPad Pro has to be running iOS 13 or later.

FiLMiC's DoubleTake app video recording app has been updated to add support for ipad Pro as well as Apple's current iPhone SE. The app first debuted on-stage when Apple announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, with users able to record video from multiple cameras simultaneously.

The latest app update brings support for the 2018 iPad Pro and newer as well as the 2020 iPhone SE but that isn't all. There's more going on under the hood.

v2.0 of DoubleTake brings a unique multicam capture experience with advanced audio functionality to the iPad Pro*. It has been redesigned to take full advantage of larger screen sizes and includes the following iPad Pro only features:

  • Ability to manually adjust audio input gain. Use the volume slider that is integrated into the VU meter to adjust your mic levels.
  • Support for 3 polar pickup patterns (OMNI, selfie biased, and di-pole).

For all DoubleTake users: - We have sped up your Multicam experience by defaulting the app to using the most popular lens combination for your device. Simply verify your frame rate and shooting mode and press record.

In addition this version includes numerous stability improvements, bug fixes, and better iPhone SE 2 support. It is recommended for all DoubleTake shooters on both iPhone and iPad.

This latest DoubleTake update is available for download from the App Store now. It's free, so why not take it for a spin?

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