If you've ever been curious about your origins and haven't jumped on the DNA testing kit bandwagon yet, today is a great opportunity. AncestryDNA's genetic ethnicity testing kit has dropped to $59 on Amazon, which is $40 off its regular price. This is a common sale for AncestryDNA, but it's easy to miss because the sale never lasts very long. Grab it while you can and discover something new about yourself.

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AncestryDNA genetic ethnicity test kit

The box you order is just a package that contains easy instructions on how to collect your saliva and send it off to a lab. Then you get your results in 6 to 8 weeks. Shows your origins from over 1,000 regions and connections to living relatives.

$59.00 $99.00 $40 off

I wonder how many people order these kits and are then surprised to find there really isn't much in there. Truth is, AncestryDNA can't tell you your ethnic origins without some DNA first. So really all you're ordering is a test kit, which includes a package to hold your DNA and some easy-to-follow instructions that help you collect some saliva to send off to the lab. After AncestryDNA analyzes your DNA, they send you the results in about six to eight weeks.

The information you end up receiving shows your ethnic origins from over 1,000 regions, including connections to living relatives. View your results online or with a mobile device. Based on what your results are you can get some historical insights about your ethnic origins, including geographic details and things like that. It might even surprise you a bit to know where some of your DNA originated, so it's nice to get some revealing information when you're unfamiliar with a particular side of yourself.

This is all very personal, and you could definitely feel a little wary about giving someone else that information. Luckily, AncestryDNA works hard to keep your information as private as you want it to be. You can keep it all to yourself if you want. The data encryption and secure databases used by the company keep your info safe, and only you will have control over how it's used.

You can also choose to pool your information with other AncestryDNA users. While not required, it does have some interesting benefits because it can combine your results with millions of other results. You might find some unique connections to other people of a similar ethnic origin, family trees you never knew you belonged to, and more.

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