Firefox RedesignSource: Mozilla

What you need to know

  • Firefox has a new iOS update out that redesigns the way the homepage looks and functions.
  • People will find previously viewed tabs, recent searches, and more all on the homepage.

Firefox has a new update out that changes the browser's homepage and adds previous tabs, searches, and more. The new update is rolling out for iOS right now and should be in the App Store by the time you read this.

Announced via blog post, the redesign completely changes how people will use the homepage for the better.

With this new Firefox homepage we wanted to lift that heavy mental burden of remembering to finish those halfway read articles or vacation research until you are ready to jump back and finish those tasks. We've simplified and organized your on-the-go mobile experiences into one central location, complete with new features to help you ignore the online noise and focus on what matters to you. Welcome to your new Firefox homepage, delivering a fast, intuitive and useful browser!

That redesigned homepage includes recently saved bookmarks as well as the last open tab for easier access. Recent searches are grouped by topic, while new, clutter-free tabs are the order of the day. Any tab that's been open for more than a couple of weeks will be made "inactive" so as to avoid unnecessary clutter.

You can try this all out by downloading the updated Firefox browser from the App Store now. It's free and can be set as your default browser, too. While Safari is arguably the best iPhone browser for most people Firefox has a huge community of users and these changes are sure to be well received.