Foldable Iphone ConceptSource: @bat.not.bad

What you need to know

  • Foldable phones are hot right now.
  • This concept shows how amazing a foldable iPhone could be.
  • But it won't look this great at the first attempt.

Foldables are hot with Samsung and Motorola launching new foldable phones recently. Apple has so far resisted the temptation to do the same, but it's likely to happen at some point in the future. And if it does, it probably won't look anywhere near as amazing as this concept video.

But one day, it just might.

The video shows an ultra-thin iPhone that bends in the middle – seemingly with no crease – and has almost no bezels. Nor, it seems, does it have a hinge. But let's overlook that for a minute! Oh, and there's no front-facing camera. But bear with me. It does appear to automatically open by itself when you swipe up to wake it. Swoon.

While it's true that Apple won't launch anything like this right out the gate, we have to hope that something like it is the endgame for foldable phones – unless you'd rather an iPad that folds smaller, that is. No bezels, no huge crease, and no hinge waiting to let in dust and whatnot. That large external display has me very excited, too.

Sure, this is a concept and it's all been done with 3D editing magic. And it might take some years to get there. But if I'm not using something very much like this by the time my 5-year-old is going to college I'm going to be very disappointed indeed.