Fitbit Blaze FAQ: Everything you need to know!

The Fitbit Blaze promised to be a high-end fitness tracker and smartwatch blend that was as sleek as it was practical. With a unique design new to the Fitbit product line and a couple of cool new features, the Blaze seems primed to deliver.

Now that it is in stores and available to buy, here's everything you need to know about the Fitbit Blaze, so you can decide if it's the right one for you!

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What does it look like? I mean, is it seriously an octagon?

Seriously! And it stands out!

What kind of display does Fitbit Blaze have?

Full color! Along with small but interesting animations as you swipe through the menus which haven't been seen in the other Fitbit models, giving this new model an extremely polished look that other models have lacked.

Can you customize the bands?

Absolutely! The Blaze is a modular piece, which makes it easy to pop in and out of the metal frame. Currently Fitbit offer two additional bands:

Can it do notifications?

The Blaze receives call, text, and calendar notifications much like the the Fitbit Surge does. However, unlike the Surge, the Blaze has access to the full notifications right on the screen without having to press any buttons to get into other menus. It's as simple as swiping up on the screen of the Blaze to be able to scroll through all the notifications you have received. The streamlined process of receiving notifications on the Blaze makes it an extremely useful and pleasant experience.

Basically, if you know how to use the Fitbit app, you get everything you need.

How about music control?

The Blaze also allows you to control music with ease right from your wrist. Not only does it have the ability to play, pause, and skip tracks - much like the Surge - but it also can adjust the volume of the music playing, for a seamless and simple music control system that keeps your cellphone out of your hand.


Yes... but connected GPS. It helps you train smarter by delivering real-time exercise stats like distance, pace and minute-mile split times when connected to a smartphone's GPS. After each workout, stats sync wirelessly to the Fitbit dashboard to let you review your route, speed and elevation in more detail.

And let me guess, a connected heart rate monitor?

No, that's built in! You get continuous wrist-based heart rate tracking with simplified heart rate zones to help you maintain workout intensity and better track calories burned during each workout. PurePulse also provides all-day insights into overall health, including resting heart rate and heart rate trends over time.

Movement tracking too, of course?

Of course! SmartTrack automatically recognizes and records continuous movement activities like biking, hiking and running, with general categories for aerobic workouts (i.e., Tae bo, kickboxing, etc) and sports (i.e., basketball, soccer/football). It gives you more ways to stay motivated and get credit for your workouts by effortlessly recording them in the Fitbit app and adding them toward weekly exercise goals.

If SmartTrack isn't enough for you, the Blaze also comes with Multi-sport mode which will record specific activities like biking, running, weights, cardio, and yoga. PurePulse is enhanced while in Multi-sport mode for even better heart rate tracking, especially during high intensity workouts.

What about the basic step tracking?

The Fitbit Blaze has you covered! All-day activity tracking will accurately tracks all the important Fitbit information we are used to see from there product line. Steps per day, distance travelled, floors climbed, and active minutes.

Will it track my sleep?

The Blaze will track your sleep, and even all those cat-naps you like to take! With automatic sleep tracking the Blaze will track your time asleep and give you in depth info into how well you are resting so you can modify your habits for a better sleep.

Can it wake me up from all my naps?

The Blaze does have the ability to set silent alarms, allowing you to wake up to a mild vibration that instead of extremely loud buzzing alarms clocks. Now whether that will actually wake you up from all your naps we can't tell you that.

Anything else?

We wouldn't let you leave without telling you about Fitstar! FitStar personal trainer gives you on-screen workouts that deliver guided instructions and animated images to three of the most popular personal trainer workouts from FitStar: Warm It Up (8 minutes), 7 Minute Workout, and 10 Minute Abs. Each workout is free and can be accessed at any time with no app or smartphone required for easy and on-the-go workouts right on your wrist!

What is the bottom line?

The Fitbit Blaze is a solid entry into the Fitbit lineup that offers a little bit of everything. The style and sleekness that comes standard with top-of-the-line wearables of today. The functionality of smartwatch features such as music control along with call, text, and calendar notifications in a seamless and simple user experience. And, the performance of a high-end fitness tracker design to track your everything from the most intense workout, to the quality of your sleep.

If you're looking for even more on the Fitbit Blaze, you can find all the latest news and tutorials right here.

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