The Fitbit channel on IFTTT lets you automate based on your activity

One of the leading fitness bands out there, Fitbit, now plugs into the service that plugs into everything else, IFTTT. Between these two, you can set up handy if-this-then-that tasks that automagically kick in with the right triggers. New Fitbit triggers include daily activity summary, daily goals achieved (steps, distance, calorie burn, etc.), and sleep data. On the action side, outside applications can now log heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight from connected channels into the Fitbit service. Examples of IFTTT recipes include sending you an iOS notification if you don't meet your daily exercise goal, or logging sleep data in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Though I'm not a fitness nut, IFTTT is amazing, and seeing how it can work with other services in an ever-growing sphere of connected wearables is exciting. Different devices are well-suited to monitoring different parts of the body, and if you hop to have a comprehensive view of your health, they're all going to have to talk together somehow. You can download the IFTTT for iOS app for free from the App Store (opens in new tab).

How many of you guys have a Fitbit? Are there any other gadgets out there that you would like to see connected to IFTTT?

Source: IFTTT


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  • Doesn't Jawbone UP already do this? Also it can turn your Philips Hue lights on to your chosen colour when you wake. Sent from the iMore App