Five brilliant Doctor Who accessories for iPhone

Series 9 of Doctor Who is here! You can grab a season pass on iTunes right now, but if you want to go all out and get decked out, we've updated our list of the best Whovian accessories out there for your iPhone. Sure, there are cases, but there's a lot more out there.

TARDIS Smart Safe

TARDIS Smart Safe

The TARDIS Smart Safe connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and can unlock once you dock your iPhone in the back punch in the proper PIN code in the dedicated app. It'll even blink and make materializing sounds when you open it. Inside you'll have enough room to stash keys, notes, and other small valuables that you want to private.

TARDIS Bluetooth headphones

Tardis Bluetooth headphones

This big stereo headphones sport a glimpse of the TARDIS on either ear, and deliver audio either by Stereo Blueooth, or a wired connection. After a full USB charge, the TARDIS Bluetooth headphones can offer ten hours of playback. Whether you're just enjoying tunes, or taking a call, these headphones will fit the bill while showing your geeky pride.

  • $119.99 - Order now

Dalek Bluetooth speaker

Dalek Bluetooth speaker

The official Doctor Who Bluetooth speaker can wirelessly play your music, handle phone calls, and play a smattering of memorable sound effects. Both the Dalek and the TARDIS light up when connected. You can plug your iPhone directly into the back if you want to save on battery life while playing music, or, if you're especially industrious, you can daisy chain multiple units together for stereo sound.

  • $199.99 - Bluetooth TARDIS speaker - Order now
  • $149.99 - Assault Dalek speaker now - Order now
  • $119.99 - Dalek Sec speaker now - Order now

Personalized Doctor Who iPhone case

Doctor Who iPhone case

Zazzle has a fantastic case customization service where you can drop any of your favorite Doctor Who art on a variety of iPhone cases. Go with a slim and light snap-on case, or a full wraparound wallet case. Images can be scaled and cropped, and you can layer on additional images and text if you fancy. It's a bit pricier than buying a standard case, but you'll at least get exactly what you're looking for.

Cyberman charm

Pop a plug into your iPhone's headphone jack and fit in a charm for a little extra flair on your iPhone. This particular charm features Cyberman, who will spin and blink whenever you get a call. Alternative models feature a Dalek or the TARDIS.

Your favorites?

These are the best Doctor Who-themed accessories we've been able to dig up for the iPhone. How many of you guys are fans? What's your favorite Doctor Who swag?

Simon Sage

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