This iPhone X case cured me of my PRODUCT(RED) jealousy

As much as I enjoy my glossy white iPhone X, I admit to no small amount of jealousy in seeing the recently announced PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. I'm a big fan of colorful phones that stand out in the crowd, and those phones are most certainly that. Having said that, red isn't my favorite color and I already have an iPhone X, which I enjoy quite a bit. A case was the more practical answer for me, and for $14, Amazon brought the shiniest blue case I could find to my doorstep.

Not only is it exactly what I was looking for when it comes to color, it's also an excellent case well worth adding to your iPhone X.

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This is the Luxury Slim Fit case from FLOVEME, and the name gives away most of the features. This is an ultra-slim case, adding a tiny plastic layer between your phone and the rest of the world. You can't get much thinner than this, which makes the phone feel almost like there's no case there at all when you hold and use it. The plastic sides end at the edge of the metal rim of the phone, and on the bottom there are a pair of slits in the corners to make the case easier to put on and remove.

Really, the biggest feature to this case is how damn pretty it is.

Instead of button cut-outs, which FLOVEME could have easily gotten away with on a case this slim, there are raised plastic notches to match the buttons. This makes the power and volume buttons just as comfortable and tactile as they would be without the case, which you don't get with most cases like this. The only cut outs in the plastic on the top part pf the case are for the silence switch and camera. The bottom of the case makes room for the speaker grille and Lightning port as well.

The only real downside to this design is the trade-off you make in protection. The plastic ends as the glass begins, which means there's nothing protecting the glass front of the phone like you'd see on other cases. This aesthetic decision absolutely makes the finished product look better, but you should be aware of the trade-off you're making here before purchase.

Really, the biggest feature to this case is how damn pretty it is. Each version of this case is a color gradient, shifting from a strong color at the base to a more transparent color at the top. This version is a stunning blue transitioning to a yellow at the top, which looks especially nice with the white iPhone X. FLOVEME also sells pink/purple gradient and purple/teal gradient for those who aren't totally sold on the blue/yellow version.

If you're looking for a good thin case, this case feels great and adds almost nothing to the size of your phone. If you're looking for something to make your iPhone X stand out and look nice, you're unlikely to find something more visually attractive than these cases. If you're looking for something that guarantees your phone will survive any kind of drop, this is not the case for you. If you're not sure, $14 is a small ask to try out a new color on your phone.

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