iPhone 8 PRODUCT(RED) video hands-on!

For the second year in a row, Apple has introduced a new, PRODUCT(RED) iPhone in the spring. Last year it was the RED and white iPhone 7. This year, iPhone 8 — and it's RED and black.

April 13, 2018: iPhone 8 in PRODUCT(RED) is now available in stores and for immediate delivery.

If you preferred not to pre-order, today's the day Apple's brand new, fiery hot iPhone 8 in PRODUCT(RED) becomes available in stores and for immediate delivery.

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The back is even more RED than last year, a result of the glass treatment that goes 7 layers deep. (And maintains the ability to use inductive chargers.)

The front is what's all new. Where last year it was bright white, this year it's deep black. It's great for everyone who always wanted black... and for those who just want everyone to know they have the new PRODUCT(RED).

Check out the video above — and, yeah, hit subscribe while you're at it — and the pics below.

(Image credit: iMore)

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