Forget Radio Shack - iPhone 3G to be Sold at Walmart???

No offense to any Wal Mart shoppers out there, but please Apple, say this is not so. The Radio Shack scare was bad enough, now you are threatening to bring the iPhone 3G to Walmart?

iPhone lovers really dodged a bullet when the Radio Shack deal fell apart but now Boy Genius is reporting that you will start seeing the Apple product in all Walmart stores as early as next month.

"Walmart will begin selling the iPhone 3G next month - on November 15th to be exact".

Keep in mind that this is just in time for the holiday shopping season. I'm not even sure Walmart sells any cell phones, but the last place I'd go to buy my Palm Treo Pro, iPhone 3G, or Touch HD -- wishful thinking I know -- is Wal Mart! Also keep in mind you can not walk out of a store without activating the iPhone 3G. How comfortable would you be letting a Walmart employee handle your prized possession?

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[Via Boy Genius Report]

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