Shortcuts on iPhone

What you need to know

  • Matt Casinelli was at Workflow when Apple came calling.
  • He left after the transition into Apple was complete.
  • Now he's sharing some awesome shortcuts.

If you're not familiar with the name Matthew Casinelli, you've been missing out. He was part of the Workflow team that was bought by Apple and then subsequently turned into Shortcuts. And after spending his time filling the Workflow Gallery with handy little workflows, he's now sharing some of his awesome shortcuts with us.

Following Matthew on Twitter is a constant stream of clever uses for Shortcuts, as is his YouTube channel. He's also written on iMore, too. But now he's taken things to the next level by sharing more than 150 of his shortcuts via AirTable.

There are far too many to get into here but thankfully Matthew has sorted the shortcuts into different categories. Our favorites are the ones in the iMore category, for very obvious reasons. If you've ever wanted to easily see the latest news then Matthew has the shortcut for you!

This collection of shortcuts is a great way for anyone to get started with Shortcuts, especially if you've ever found yourself intimated by the app. We'd recommend downloading some of Matthew's shortcuts and then tweaking them to fit your needs – it's a great way to learn without having to start from scratch.