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Forum Review: Touch Physics for iPhone

Touch Physics Forum Review by cjvitek (For msbaylor's take on it, check the link. For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!

Touch Physics is a strategy/puzzle game, where the goal is to get the purple circle to touch the yellow star. As the game progresses, you are presented with an increasing array and diversity of obstacles in your path that you need to navigate the purple circle around. The circle is moved by forces of gravity, friction, and elasticity. For example, if a large object falls on the circle on the left side, the circle will move/roll/bounce to the right.

So how do you get the large object (or planks, or whatever you want)? Simple - you draw them. You get to add the objects that interact with the circle (and the rest of the obstacles, for that matter). You can draw straight lines, you can draw cirlces or polygons, just about any shape you have in mind (with a few exceptions - see below). These object are subject to the same laws of gravity, friction, and elasticity as the rest of the object in the game.

One especially cool feature of this game is that you can also adjust the various physical interactions. Increasing or decreasing gravity will influence both your objects and the movement of the circle, for example. Because of the various ability to actually adjust the physical parameters of the world, this becomes a much more interesting game - you can replay the same game multiple times with various changes to the physical constants.

This is an interesting concept for the game, and I like the interface. It looks like you are working on a simple paper background, and the images you "draw" look like they were drawn with a crayon. Settings can be changed in the settings menu (not within the game itself, one minor complaint), and there is a nice musical background that is playing as well.

My main problem with this game is the interaction - specifically, dawing shapes. Unfortunately, the game engine does not allow for the drawing of any sort of complex shapes (with multiple obtuse or acute angles, for example). If you try to draw one of those, the game "simplifies" it for you, often times negating the strategy you might have had when drawing the shape.

Other than that, however, the game is fun, and can be quite challenging. I like the interaction between what you draw and the obstacles in the way of the purple circle. I do wish you could save you progress within a level, instead of simply starting the level over, but that is a minor flaw. Shaking the iPhone to start a level over is a fun way to vent frustrations and begin anew.


  • Nice interface, good game concepts


  • Complex shapes not allowed


All in all, this is a cool game for the money, and if you like strategy puzzle games, this might be worth your money. The interface is clean and simple, the controls are easy to learn, and the game play can be radically alterred by adjusting the physical parameters of the "universe". For $1.99 (on sale now for $.99) it is worth the money.

Forum Review Rating

TiPb Forums Review: 4 Star App

[Touch Physics (opens in new tab) is available from the iTunes App Store.]


  • Geez! I am soooo unimpressed~
  • I'm stuck on level 15, anyone get past it?
  • I finished it. Which one is 15?
  • I got past 15 (FINALLY) but now I'm stuck on 16 :( Level 16 has the ball on a ledge below the star and there are three small squares fixed in the background and a pivoting ledge on the far right.
  • what does E=mc2 has to do with the game?
  • Yehh level 15 is a batch! I think the pillars may need to be knocked down to the right.. The left after you get to the last pillar.
  • I got past 15. To get past it, I just made big blocks underneath the three in the middle to chuck them over the edge. Then you get rid of the ones you made, and make one big one to simply roll the ball onto the other side. :) Stuck on 16 though... :/
  • for level 16 i just made squares under neath the circle until i got to the top by the star. Srsly, u dont need the other things. there decoys!!
  • Who knows 16????. Josh's didn't help
  • Who knows 21. I'm stuck
  • I just got the update and Im stuck on level 39 can somebody please help?
  • Yep 39 has got me stumped too. Anyone?
  • Mmmm I'm stuck on 39 too. Very frustrating ;) anyone got a clue they care to share?
  • All the level were a breeze till I got to the new ones past lvl 30. 39 got me so confused.
  • Well, I know it won't help us get past level 39, but, I'm stuck too! Driving me crazy :).....
  • I'm stuckkkk
  • 1) draw a line on the righthans side of the display (between the blue box and the ball parallel to the greenbox but over the brown line)
    2) put rectangles under the ball till he is on top of the blue box
    3) delete all rectangles. !!! Not the line of step one !!!!
    4) put from the middle to the 'gap' rectangles but pay attention it should not get go over to the left or right
    5) if rectangles of the same weight are on the left site an right site oft the green box delete all rectangles in the middle of these but not the 2 rectangles totally left and right
    6) take one ball on the left site down in the middle of the green box
    7) draw a line like in step one but on the left site from the middle of the green box to the blue but between the blue box and the brown line
    8) then push the ball in the box over the drawn line with so many rectangles you can draw in the little time you have
    Good luck
    If you pass the level please mail
  • Dear André,
    thanks for that tip. Level 39 is the hardest for sure.
    You are right, the first step is to get the RIGHT HAND BALL up on top of the house. Just forget about it and leave it up there.
    (a) As André suggests, place a plank (line) on the right.
    (b) Also try this, put ONE ENORMOUS STONE (block / rectangle) completely blocking the mechanism from left to right on the screen.
    In both cases (a) or (b) you must then quickly get the right-hand ball on to the top of the house.
    Once he is there, forget about him.
    Next we have to do exactly what André says!
    I would describe it like this:
    (1) get the big green bar as reasonably straight and still as possible
    (2) your left hand ball - quickly bounce it on to the green bar. Do this when it will just roll towards the center.
    (3) finally when it is in the center.
    Very quickly build stones underneath the ball to "fly" it upwards. You will get the star.
    Thank you, André !
    It's a shame: all the level after 39 are just about "flying" the ball. ie, moving your finger really quickly to unrealistically make it fly through the air.
    Fantastic game though, everyone should buy it immediately.
    Cheers, JP
  • Anyone know how to pass level 24 with the duck?
  • could somebody please post the solution for level 29 its annoying me sooooooo much
  • Any one could provide some help for level 29 (the ball situates on a small "v" with a bigger "V" right beneath, and the star is in a box with an opening facing downward and there's no support for the ball below the opening). My e-mail address is and I'm addicted to the game!
  • For level 24 with the duck and if I remember it correctly, you push the ball climbing over the duck. As soon as it is falling down, you draw a straight diagonal line(from right side of the duck towards bottom left where the star is) to keep the ball falling toward the star. You'll need to draw the line quickly since it does fall.
  • For 39 stick a line in the right sides pivot point. That keeps the ball from rolling away. Then take the other ball and push it up out of it's place then draw shapes like crazy and push the ball over to the right and up to the star. It took me like 50 tries but it eventually works.
    For 29 force the ball out of the v's then draw shapes to prevent it from going over the edge. You can do this on either the right or left side of the v's but the right side works best Now that the ball is resting, draw a long straight line in between the bottom two slants. This is to prevent the ball from going any further. Now go back to the ball and draw really bigshapes to force the ball against the wall. eventually it will slide tgrough the wall where you can push it to the star.
    I call this forcing method cheap physics. It works on like 10 different levels and can make things about 5x easier.
  • Yeah. I'm on level 41 and the circle is gone and won't come down. No idea what to do:(
  • Can anybody help me for 31? The star is in abox in the center and four balls have to go in...
  • help. I can't get back level 29. the level with the V at the top and the empty space on the bottom. I have tried drawing a line accross the botton but it either doesn't leave enough space for the ball or it falls down before I can move the ball to the center. Heeeeeelllllpp:)
  • Please help with level 21!!! Its the one with the NASA space shuttle and some stars in the top corner. The ball is started on the left. PLEASE HELP!!
  • could somebody please post the solution for level 29 its annoying me sooooooo much