Free App of the Week: Card Wars - Adventure Time Card Game lets you floop the pig

It's that time once again, for the free app of the week. This week, you can get your hands on Card Wars - Adventure Time Card Game.

Like many card battle games, Card Wars pits you against other players arming you both with decks of cards with different creatures, spells, and more. Unlike those other games, however, Card Wars is based in the world of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, with cards featuring characters like Jake, Finn, Princess Bubblegum, and more.

As you play, you'll embark on quests, facing different opponents as you move across a map. You'll be able to gather more cards, and start building out a custom deck with different combinations of heroes, creatures, and spells. Successfully completing quests will earn you gems, which you can use to do things like revive your heroes, refill hearts, and open premium chests. You can also buy gems with in-app purchases.

Card Wars - Adventure Time Card Game will be available for free on the App Store through July 16.

Download Card Wars - Adventure Time Card Game from the App Store

Joseph Keller

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