Free App of the Week: Go on an underwater adventure in MarcoPolo Ocean

MarcoPolo Ocean, a virtual underwater sandbox game for kids, is this week's free app of the week on the App Store.

In MarcoPolo Ocean, kids can explore a gigantic underwater world, all while building the tools they'll need to discover and learn about new creatures and underwater structures. The game is essentially a sandbox, allowing kids to wander and learn about a range of animals, along with new vocabulary and concepts at their own pace. Here's just some of what MarcoPolo Ocean can help kids explore:

  • The wide variety of animal species that live in the shallow and deep parts of the ocean
  • Ocean landscape
  • Construction and characteristics of a boat (shipping vessel) and submersible
  • Characteristics of fish and marine mammals
  • Topic-specific vocabulary exposure and acquisition

MarcoPolo Ocean will be free on the App Store through January 28, so be sure to hit up the link below to explore the ocean depths.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster